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Burkina Faso Culture Facts

by Vishal Kumar

Get a glimpse into the culture and society of Burkina Faso which includes its religion, food, and other information

Burkina Faso society and culture is an extremely interesting topic of investigation and study. A French-speaking country in West Africa, Burkina Faso has many ethnic groups and tribes that make up the society of the country.

Burkina Faso society and culture mainly consist of various ethnic tribes and groups. Mossi is the primary ethnic group that makes up almost 40% of the total population. The rest 60% of the population is made up of Lobi, Mande, Fulani, Senufo, Gurunsi, and Bobo tribes. Islam is the predominant religion in the country followed by people following indigenous beliefs and customs. French is the official language but people also speak the Sudani language along with 66 other languages.

The country was initially under French dominance and attained liberation in 1960. The country also faced several political and civil disorders. Several reforms were carried out in the society of Burkina Faso to bring the conditions to normal.

Burkina Faso Religion

A big percentage of the people of Burkina Faso prolong to clutch the conventional idea of the Burkina Faso Religion. The majority of the people of the country are Muslims.

About forty percent of the residents of Burkina Faso follow the indigenous religion and ten percent of the population has Christianity as their religion. About 6 percent of the Christians are Roman Catholics and others are Protestants. The religion of Burkina Faso constitutes various religions believed by the people of the various ethnic groups in the country.

There is no major disagreement among the religions in Burkina Faso. Christianity in Burkina Faso was spread by the missionaries during the colonial period. The western and southern parts of the country have Christian-dominated regions. There are many Christians among the people of the elite class in the city. The clergy leads the prayers at the church.

Islam in Burkina Faso has an extensive and diverse account. About 50% of the people of the country are Muslims. There is a Grand Mosque in Bobo-Dioulasso. The Muslims of Burkina Faso have their special prayers on Friday, which are led by the Imams. There are also religious gatherings for the people of the country. In the country, magic and witchcraft are also practiced in everyday life.

Burkina Faso Food

Burkina Faso food comes in a wide variety. Though there are some staple foods in the country, which include maize, beans, rice, potatoes, okra, millet, yams, and peanuts, there are some other foods in Burkina Faso too that are extremely popular in the country. With abundant livestock in most of the villages, eggs are available in plenty. The rivers act as storehouses for several varieties of fish, which are also consumed by the local people of the area. Meat is not eaten quite often as it is pretty expensive. Apart from these sources of protein, fresh green vegetables are available in plenty in the country.

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