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Map of Tocantins Brazil

Tocantins Map
Description : Map showing microregions of state of Tocantins, Brazil with political boundaries. Disclaimer

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Facts about Tocantins State of Brazil
Area277,620.91 sq km
Population1,417,694 census 2012
Time zoneBRT (UTC-3)
Postal Code77000-000 to 77990-000
AirportsPalmas Airport

Tocantins is one of the most important states of Brazil. In 1988 this Brazilian state was formed out of the northern part of Goias. Palmas is the capital of Tocantins. This state lies in between the Amazon rain forest and the coastal Savanna. This splendid geographic location has made it a land of diverse beauty. There are several rivers that flow along its coast side.
Aside the majestic topographical beauty it also has a lot more to offer. While exploring the whole state, a traveler can visit the unique archaeological sites that are of major historical significance. There is no doubt in the fact that those historical buildings will draw the attention of the visitors across the world.

Tocantins, the state of Brazil is economically dependent on cattle raising. It is said to be the means of livelihood of most of the Tocantins dwellers. It also gives stress on pineapple plantations while in the northern part of the state, charcoal and oils are extracted from the babacu palm tree.

Now-a-days the federal government is working hard for expanding Tocantins' economic growth. In order to enhance the financial condition of the state a hydroelectric dam has been constructed with the government aid. This contributed a lot to the financial status of the state.

There are many cities inside the territory of Tocantins. Some of them have been enlisted below:
  • Tocantinopolis
  • Colinas do Tocantins
  • Taquarussu do Porto
  • Porto Nacional
  • Araguaina
  • Gurupi
  • Palmas
This Brazilian state of Tocantins comprises of several municipalities, such as
  • Araguana
  • Araguatins
  • Cachoeirinha
  • Campos Lindos
  • Arapoema
Tocantins is a developing area in the Brazilian Highlands. It is the home of a huge number of indigenous inhabitants and ample amount of mineral resources.

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  List of Municipalities in Tocantins state of Brazil  
2Araguaína72Marianópolis do Tocantins
3Araguanã73Miracema do Tocantins
5Babaçulândia75Monte Santo do Tocantins
6Bandeirantes do Tocantins76Pequizeiro
7Carmolândia77Presidente Kennedy
8Colinas do Tocantins78Rio dos Bois
11Nova Olinda81Araguaçu
12Palmeirante82Chapada de Areia
15Santa Fé do Araguaia85Fátima
16Wanderlândia86Formoso do Araguaia
17Xambioá87Lagoa da Confusão
18Aguiarnópolis88Nova Rosalândia
19Ananás89Oliveira de Fátima
20Angico90Paraíso do Tocantins
23Axixá do Tocantins93Sandolândia
24Buriti do Tocantins94Almas
26Carrasco Bonito96Aurora do Tocantins
27Darcinópolis97Chapada da Natividade
29Itaguatins99Conceição do Tocantins
31Maurilândia do Tocantins101Lavandeira
33Palmeiras do Tocantins103Novo Alegre
34Praia Norte104Novo Jardim
36Sampaio106Pindorama do Tocantins
37Santa Terezinha do Tocantins107Ponte Alta do Bom Jesus
38São Bento do Tocantins108Porto Alegre do Tocantins
39São Miguel do Tocantins109Rio da Conceição
40São Sebastião do Tocantins110Santa Rosa do Tocantins
41Sítio Novo do Tocantins111São Valério da Natividade
43Aliança do Tocantins113Taipas do Tocantins
44Alvorada114Barra do Ouro
45Brejinho de Nazaré115Campos Lindos
46Cariri do Tocantins116Centenário
47Crixás do Tocantins117Goiatins
50Jaú do Tocantins120Lagoa do Tocantins
53Santa Rita do Tocantins123Rio Sono
54São Salvador do Tocantins124Mateiros
55Sucupira125Novo Acordo
56Talismã126Ponte Alta do Tocantins
57Abreulândia127Santa Tereza do Tocantins
58Araguacema128São Félix do Tocantins
59Barrolândia129Aparecida do Rio Negro
60Bernardo Sayão130Bom Jesus do Tocantins
61Brasilândia do Tocantins131Ipueiras
63Colméia133Monte do Carmo
64Couto de Magalhães134Palmas (State capital)
65Divinópolis do Tocantins135Pedro Afonso
66Dois Irmãos do Tocantins136Porto Nacional
67Fortaleza do Tabocão137Santa Maria do Tocantins
70Itaporã do Tocantins