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Botswana Political Map

by Vishal Kumar

The map illustrates the national capital, surrounding countries, 9 districts, and 5 town council boundaries with their capitals.

Botswana Political Map


Botswana is a country located in southern Africa. About seventy per cent of the country is covered by the Kalahari Desert. Covering an area of 224,610 square miles, Botswana is the forty-seventh largest country in the world. The estimated population is 2,029,307.

As shown in the Botswana Political Map, Botswana is bordered by South Africa to the south and south-east, Namibia to the west and north, and Zimbabwe to the north-east.

The national capital, Gaborone is marked on the map with a red circle enclosed in a square. With a population of 191,776, it is also the largest city in Botswana.

The political map of Botswana also highlights the major cities, districts and their capitals, and national and international boundaries of the nation. The major districts shown on the map are:

  • Central District
  • Ghanzi District
  • Kgalagadi District
  • Kgatleng District
  • Kweneng District
  • North-East District
  • Ngamiland District
  • South-East District
  • Southern District
  • Chobe District

The Major Cities of Botswana have been marked by black dots on the Botswana political map. Some of the Botswana cities are Wedra, Tshane, Kahg, Mahalapaye, Khakhea, Jwaneng, Palapye, Sefophe, Seruli, and Letlhakane, Nokeneng, Nata, and Orapa.

Botswana is the parliamentary Democratic Republic wherein the President is the head of government. Mokgweetsi Masisi is the current President of the nation. SlumberTsogwane is the Vice-President.

Botswana is the largest supplier of gem-quality diamonds in the world. Tourism, agriculture and transportation contribute to the country’s economic structure. Livestock also has a fair share of contribution towards the economy of the nation.

District Population Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Capital
Central 563,260 147,730 57,039 Serowe
Ghanzi 33,170 117,910 45,525 Ghanzi
Kgalagadi 42,049 106,940 41,290 Tshabong
Kgatleng 73,507 7,960 3,073 Mochudi
Kweneng 230,335 35,890 13,857 Molepolole
North-East 132,422 5,120 1,977 Francistown
North-West 142,970 129,930 50,166 Maun
South-East 276,319 1,780 687 Gaborone
Southern 186,831 28,470 10,992 Kanye
9 districts 1,680,863 581,730 224,606

Note:   Population: 2001-08-17 census.

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