Botswana Culture and Society

The Botswana Culture and Society involves a rich tradition of art and music. The city life of Botswana portrays its openness to embrace the foreign culture. The society of Botswana has always been congenial with foreigners.

Botswana Ethnic Groups

Botswana Ethnic Groups exhibit the variety of tribal groups found in the African country of Botswana. The various Botswana ethnic groups include, Tswana, Kalanga, Basarwa and Kgalagadi. Among these, the Tswana is the most famous and important one. Not only that, it is also the largest of the ethnic groups. It consists of 79% of the total population and is distributed among eight tribes. Kalanga is the second largest one and it comprises about 11% of the population. The Basarwa ethnic group comprises of three percent of the total population. The Kgalagadi group has little or negligible share in the population of Botswana. Apart from these, there are few scattered small groups of Khoisan people, who frequent the southwestern districts of Botswana. This ethnic group of Botswana speaks languages like Khwe, Khoe and San.

Botswana Religion

Botswana is predominantly a Christian country. About 60 percent of the population follows this religion. David Livingstone was a pioneer in bringing the religion of Botswana to Christianity. The country of Botswana is full of churches like Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran and Zion Christian Church. The various religious institutions need to register with the government. Only the Christian holidays are considered as holidays. The Muslim community has total population of about 23,000 people, which is slightly over one percent of the total population.

Botswana Art

Botswana Art has shown marks of excellence since the Stone Age. Around the Kalahari Desert, one can explore the paintings by the Khoisan communities which are found to be as old as twenty thousand years. These communities mostly lived on hunting and their art displays that action and effort. The figures that mark their artistic works are the animals, hunting weapons and human figures. This tradition of art in Botswana continues till date, but several modern aspects have been adopted. The artists and sculptors of Botswana have established their control over the art of painting and sculpture over the years. The Botswana art is appreciated even in the foreign countries.

Botswana Music

Botswana Music is an integral aspect of the culture of Botswana. Botswana Music is omnipresent in all forms of culture across the country. Among all the other forms of Botswana Music, the church choirs are the most abundant throughout the country.

Gumba-gumba, is the most popular form of Botswana Music. The gumba-gumba is basically a modernized form of the Zulu and Tswana music, which is amalgamated with the traditional jazz music. Hip Hop music in Botswana is popularized by different bands in the country. The Wizards who combine it with ragga and R&B, are all doing their bit in order to popularize this form of Botswana Music. The television show entitled Strictly Hip Hop which is hosted by Slim and Draztik and the record label Plat Boy all belong to the music of Botswana. There are a number of different forms of folk music at Botswana like the Huru, Phathisi, Tsutsube, Mokomoto, Borankana, Ndazola, Selete, Chesa and Setapa, which mostly exclude the use of the drums but extensively use various string instruments. Contemporary music of Botswana includes Kwasa Kwasa which is basically an African version of Rhumba that is popular in the central and western Africa.

Botswana Festivals

The vigor, pomp and show with, which the festivals of Botswana are celebrated is highly appreciated by the tourists and the native people. During the time of festivals the people tend to forget all their sorrows and get involved in the flow of merry making without any discrimination on the basis of creed, color, caste and sex. Moreover, during the festive occasion variety of mouth watering preparations are also available, which add to the beauty of the celebration. The Maitisong Festival is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated in the country. There are many other festivals that are celebrated in the country with pomp and glory.

Botswana Food

There is uniqueness in the food preparation of the Botswana's people. The main dishes of Botswana that form the staple diet of the local citizens are millet and sorghum porridge. Mostly, non-vegetarian dishes are preferred on the dining tables in Botswana. Mutton and beef are the most widely consumed meat forms in the country. Apart from those, chicken and lamb are also available in abundance. Fresh fish from rivers is also quite popular in the Botswana and forms an integral part of Botswana cuisine.

The meat dishes are prepared with much care in Botswana. Few of the meat preparations in Botswana include:
Seswaa or Chotlho – This preparation needs mainly the inner parts of cow or goat. The only other ingredients needed for this particular preparation are salt and water. This dish is usually served on festive occasions.
Oxtail – This spicy dish is a favorite with the local people of Botswana.

Last Updated : July 21st, 2018