Botswana Hospitals

Botswana Hospitals provide advanced medical facility for the local residents of Botswana as well as for travelers to Botswana. There is an availability of Government sponsored hospitals as well as private hospitals in Botswana. The Botswana hospitals are equipped with advanced gadgets as well as internationally trained doctors. Most of the doctors in these hospitals are from Botswana itself. Doctors from the USA and Europe frequently visit these hospitals to train the local medical teams of the country. The effective coordination between the foreign and local doctors helps in the proper functioning of the Botswana hospitals.

The Government sponsored Botswana hospitals have been categorized into:

  • Primary Hospitals
  • District Hospitals
  • Referral Hospitals
The Primary hospitals in Botswana are total 17 in number. The patients with minor diseases and problems are admitted in these hospitals.

There are 17 District hospitals in Botswana. These hospitals are available in the remote districts of Botswana. The medical teams in district hospitals do the regular checkup of the local residents of the country.

The patients with serious ailments are referred to the Botswana Referral hospitals by the Primary and the District hospitals. There are three Referral hospitals in Botswana. These hospitals include:
  • Nyangabgwe Hospital in Francistown
  • Princess Marina in Gaborone
  • Lobatse Mental Hospital
The patients avail treatment in these hospitals at subsidized rates. There is a private hospital in Botswana as well. The private hospital is available in the capital city Gaborone.

Last Updated : July 21st, 2018