Independence Day of Bolivia

When is the independence day of Bolivia?
Bolivia, a landlocked country in South America, celebrates its Independence Day on August 6. The day commemorates the anniversary of the establishment of the Bolivian Republic in 1825, after 16 years of bitter struggle.

How is the Independence Day of Bolivia celebrated?
The Independence Day, also known as Dia de la Patria, is a national holiday in Bolivia.Celebrations are held throughout the country including the administrative capital, La Paz and usually continue for two days. Patriotic marches, military parades, gun salutes, street dances and carnivals, and cultural events reflecting the rich heritage of the country are some common independence celebrations in Bolivia.

What is the historic significance of Independence Day in Bolivia?
The Spanish occupation of Bolivia, previously known as Upper Peru or Charcas, began in 1525, and at the time Bolivia was governed by the viceroy of Lima. During this period Bolivian silver became the mainstay of Spanish wealth. Spanish influence, however, began to decline during the Napoleonic wars, and the nationalist sentiments began growing due to a number of events in Spanish America, but mainly because of the efforts Simon Bolivar (Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan military and political leader who led numerous wars against Spanish colonial rule in the region then known as Spanish America). Simon Bolivar's companions - Jose de San Martin and Antonio Jose de Sucre - also led many such campaigns.

In theory, Bolivia proclaimed its freedom in 1809, but it took another 16 years of war before Bolivia became a republic. Finally, on August 6, 1825, the efforts of Simon Bolivar were rewarded with the establishment of the Republic of Bolivia. The country came to be called as Bolivia after this legendary hero.

What does the flag of Bolivia represents?
The national flag of Bolivia was adopted on October 31, 1851. It consists of three horizontal stripes of equal size. The top band is red, the middle is yellow, and the bottom band is green.

The green color symbolizes the lush fertility of the land, yellow epitomizes the natural resources of the country, and red represents the courage of the Bolivian soldiers who fought for the independence and for the preservation of the country.

Who wrote the national anthem of Bolivia?
The national anthem of Bolivia, Bolivianos, el Hado Propicio, which means Bolivians, a most Favorable Destiny, was adopted in 1851. The lyrics were written by Jose Ignacio de Sanjines, and the music for the national anthem was composed by Leopoldo Benedetto Vincenti. Last Updated on: July 21th, 2018