Vitsebsk City Map

The city of Vitsebsk is positioned in the north-eastern part of the country of Belarus. The area coverage of Vitsebsk makes it the fourth biggest city of Belarus.
Very near to Vitsebsk lie the international borders of Russia and Latvia. Vitsebsk is the capital of Vitsebsk Province. Vitsebsk, Belarus is also called by the name of Vitebsk.

The natural beauty and the historical buildings of Vitsebsk attract large number of tourists each year to the city. The Vitva River flows by the side of the city of Vitsebsk. This river merges into the Dvina River. The Kirov Bridge has been constructed over the river of Dvina. The Kirov Bridge makes one of the gateways to Vitsebsk.

Tourists can conveniently reach this Belarus city if they take the aerial route to Vitsebsk. Vitebsk air base and Vitebsk Vostochny Airport are the major gateways to the city for the foreign tourists.

One of the major attractions of Vitsebsk is the Annunciation Church. This church was built in the 12th century and has been renovated in 1992. The Neoclassical style of architecture can be seen in the Annunciation Church.

Vitsebsk is regarded as one of the centers of art in Belarus. An international annual art festival of Slavianski Bazaar is held every year in Vitsebsk. Artists from all parts of the world participate in this festival. This festival is held in the month of July. It is a pleasure for the tourists to see renowned artists perform in the beautiful city of Vitsebsk.

Last Updated on: May 30, 2017