Brest City Map

Brest is one of the important cities in the country of Belarus. The city of Brest makes the capital of the Brest Province. The Polish border lies very close to the city of Brest.
Geographically and politically, Brest holds a position of importance. The location of the Belarus city provides as the junction point between the Commonwealth of Independent States and the European Union. The position of Brest is also important because of its closeness to the major Berlin-Moscow railway line. The intercontinental highway also lies close to the city.

Tourists can easily reach Brest if they are equipped with valid visas and passports. The most convenient way to reach Brest is to take the sleeper train to Brest Centralnaya. These trains leave the Warsaw's central train station for Brest Centralnaya regularly.

Once the tourists reach Brest, they can enjoy the sight of the Western Bug and Mukhavets Rivers. These rivers meet on the Polish border. The favorite tourist attraction in Brest is the war memorial of the Hero-Fortress' defenders. When the tourists move to the southern island of the Hero-Fortress, they find the archaeological museum. The objects in the museum were unearthed by archaeologists in the 1970s during excavations.
Few other attractive sites of Brest include:
  • Belorussian outdoor railway museum
  • Holocaust memorial
  • Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park
  • Brest City Park stadium
The hotels in Brest make the stay in Brest comfortable for tourists. One of the hotels in Brest includes 'Intourist' at Praspekt Masherava.

Last Updated on: May 29, 2017