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Qatar Map

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Where is Qatar ?
Qatar, also known as Dawlat Qatar, is a sovereign Arab state which is located in the Middle East. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf.
Qatar Map
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Qatar is a small country in the Middle East region, which shares its international boundary with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates from the southern side; however, from remaining three sides, Qatar is surrounded by the Gulf (Persian Gulf).

Therefore, more commonly the country is known as Qatar peninsula. The given Qatar map illustrates its geographical location correctly.

Despite of having small geographical area, Qatar has abundance of mineral recourses and the country is third largest gas reserves nation. Besides, there are also many oil wells here. Likewise, the country’s entire economy depends upon the export of oil and gas. On the contrary, country needs to import the food material and other stuffs from other countries.

As you can see on the given map of Qatar, it is a political Qatar map showing the administrative divisions of the country with the capital city i.e. Doha. The Qatar map also shows its location in respect of other neighbor countries i.e. Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Last Updated On : May 01, 2014

The reason for the maroon shade in place of red on the flag of Qatar was to differentiate the country's ensign from same types of red and white banners of bordering nations like Bahrain.
Facts about Qatar
Lat Long25.3, 51.516667
Largest CityDoha
Official LanguageArabic
Major ReligionIslam, christianity
Form of GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
PresidentTamim bin Hamad Al Thani (Emir)
Prime MinisterAbdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani
CurrencyRiyal (QAR)
GDP$182.004 billion
Calling code974
Time ZoneAST (UTC+3)