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Qatar Tourist Attractions Map

Qatar Tourist Attractions Map
Description : Map showing the major tourist attractions of Qatar. Disclaimer

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The Arabic state of Qatar is predominantly desert land. The country is also an important economic destination of the region from time immemorial. Qatar attractions include a variety of man made as well as natural attractions scattered all over the country.
The list of Qatar attractions starts with its capital city of Doha. The capital city lies on the bay and is the cultural and economic epicenter of the country. Doha also encloses half of the population of Qatar. The city is an interesting mix of old Arabic traditions juxtaposed with contemporary technological city living. The sea-side urban landscape is an adventurous seamless synthesis of timeless ancient Arab architecture situated side by side with its more modern counterpart. The high quality sporting facilities like the 18-hole Golf Club satiates the sport loving visitor to the country.

Other attractions of Qatar include both natural attractions and those made by human beings.

The list of natural attractions in Qatar includes Khor Al Adaid- the inland sea. Man-made attractions include the Al Shaqub stud farm. The Al Shaqub stud farm is owned by the Emirate of Qatar himself. Places like Al Wakrah, Madinat Al-Shamal, Shahaniya, Dukhan, Palm Tree Island, Al Bida Park and Alkhor also make the list for suitable places to visit in Qatar.

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Khor Al Udaid

The Arab country of Qatar is one of the lesser known tourist spots in the world. The natural beauty of Khor Al Udaid attracts tourists with a love of nature.

The name 'Khor Al Udaid' literally translates into 'inland sea' in Arabic. The Khor Al Udaid in Qatar is a place of ethereal beauty in nature. The inland sea lies in the extreme south-east of the Emirate of Qatar. Khor Al Udaid is 78 kilometers distant from Doha, the capital city of Qatar. The term inland sea is a misnomer. The 'inland sea' is actually a naturally formed inlet of the Arabian Gulf. The sand dunes form an extremely beautiful sight. The dunes of Khor Al Udaid may rise up to a height of 40 meters in some places. They are formed by the effect of winds blowing across the region.

Khor Al Udaid may be visited by an all terrain motorized vehicle. The duration of the visits could last for a couple of hours to a few days as required. A tent is required for a long stay in the region. Khor Al Udaid near Doha is best visited during the winter time. The vehicles may be rented from the many car rental companies operating from Doha city.

Marroub Fort

Marroub fort is a marvelous item to see while in Qatar. Tourists in Qatar get attracted to its historical views and values in great content.Marroub fort is located on the western coast of Qatar. The fort of attraction was founded in time of Abbasside period. Naturally, the architectural features the fort exhibits are Abbaside in nature. There are around 250 houses that were selected in groups. These are in pure arch formation to the north of the fort of Marroub. It was built upon an older fort. Marruob fort is a part of Doha. As located within the capital city of Qatar, the fort is considered to be one of the prime tourist attractions of the place.

A fort is a protector of a region. A fort is a way of perfection for a community involved in war. Generally, a fort signifies the strength, skill and intelligence of the owner of it. People traveling in the country often pay a visit to this Marroub fort.

In the area of the fort, fishing is a great old activity. There are lots of sporting activities and other entertaining events organized by local hotels and tourists guide. The importance of the capital city, the glory of the fort and the historical aspect result into popularity and prominence to existence.

Umm Salal Mohammed Fort

Situated at 20 km north of Doha on the North Highway, Umm Salal Mohammed fort creates a vibrant impression in the visitors' mind. The fort comes into sight after going through the Umm Salal Mohammed town.

One can view the fort Umm Salal Mohammed after going about 1.5 miles. Many castles and forts in Qatar are there that attract the tourists. These include Marroub Fort, Al-Ghuwair Castle, Umm Salal Mohammed Fort, Al-Thughb Fort, Barzan Tower, Al-Zubarah fort, Al-Jassasiya and Al-Wajbah Fort.

Umm Salal Mohammed fort is a19th-century fortress. It is a four-storied structure with thick walls of sand-color. There is an impressive facade raised with traditional Arabian crenelations. Entering there lately will enable the viewers to watch the decorative architectural structures minutely. This is one of the main attractions of Qatar. This is a residential fort where both military and civil functions take place. There is a small mosque in front of the Umm Salal Mohammed fort.

Visit to Umm Salal Mohammed fort is really worth and truly exciting. It remains mostly closed.

There are two towers that rise beyond the four stories in height. The styles and the tradition have been greatly married in Umm Salal Mohammed fort. Waiting patiently will let the visitors view the inside.

Al Wajbah Fort

Forts and castles are plenty in Qatar. In the city of Doha, there are many remnants of forts and castles that bear the glory and tradition of this Arabian country. Al Wajbah Fort is regarded as the oldest fort in Qatar. This site of fort Al Wajbah in Qatar is famous for the battle in the history of Qatar. The Qatari people under the leadership of Sheikh Qassim bin Mohammed Al-Thani won over the Ottoman armies in 1893 A.D. or 1310 A.H.

There are many Qatari forts and castles in Qatar. Other forts and castles that the tourists are attracted to include Al-Jassasiya, Al-Wajbah Fort, Al-Zubarah fort, Marroub Fort, Al-Ghuwair Castle, Umm Salal Mohammed Fort, Al-Thughb Fort and Barzan Tower. Thick walls and High towers are the specialties of Al Wajbah fort and other forts of its kind.

People are allowed to visit this fort almost in all weekdays. This has been a site for artists, historians and many other scholars. Not only the fort of Al Wajbah is a special sight, but also the materials it was built with, the things it had inside and the structures it has bear a great significance in the history and tradition of Qatar. Built in 1882 by Al Rayyan in the southwestern Doha, the fort stands as a foothold of Qatar heritage.

Al Rakiyat Fort

Qatar is country in the map where historical remnants and cultural heritage linked with the past are more. Rich in oil deposit, Qatar has many historical architectural wonders including citadels and forts. These reflect the vivid remembrances of the past with the Arabian tradition and history. Al Rakiyat Fort is one of the main attractions of historical architectures in Qatar.

Other forts and castles that draw similar attractions of the tourists include Al-Thughb Fort, Barzan Tower, Al-Zubarah fort, Marroub Fort, Al-Ghuwair Castle, Umm Salal Mohammed Fort, Al-Jassasiya and Al-Wajbah Fort. As with many other forts in Qatar, Fort Al Rakiyat has the similar structure. The Al Rakiyat Fort was built in time of the 17th and 19th Centuries. Al Rakiyat Fort is rectangular in shape with four towers in the corners. This historical fort is located at 110km from Doha. It is constructed with mud and stone. The restoration process started in 1988 and now it is open for public.

Qatar is full of archaeological and historical attractions offering a stretched look of the starting of the Arabian and Bedouin history. More than 200 sites have been found after several archaeological activities. Those activities were responsible for discovering many historical remnants. These structures date back to various ancient eras. The places include Umm-Tagah, south east of Dukhan, Sawda Nathil in the far south and Umm-Bab in the east. Middle Stone Age structures have been found in those places. Eastern Messaieed is another place of such findings.

Al Jassasiya

Al Jassasiya, situated in Qatar and located on its north eastern coast,is a chain of hills overlooking the water of the Arabian Gulf. These hills are primarily rocky in nature. Al Jassasiya is positioned at the northeast of Doha. It is considered to be an extremely mysterious and magnetic site located in Qatar.

Often dating back to the pre-historic times, classic rock engravings and stone carvings in Al Jassasiya occur in abundance. This art of carving signs on stones is known as petroglyphs. Al Jassasiya is famous for its content of stone engravings and rock carvings both due to their quality as well as their excellent nature of preservation. Visitors flock into this region to get glimpses of the ancient art form which serve as a wonderful experience for them.

Fuwairit and Al Huwailah are two villages lying on the either sides of Al Jassasiya..Each of these areas harbor some splendid beaches remarkable for their scenic beauty. The ravishing blue water and the tall and rocky hills and beaches pose a wonderful attraction for the tourists, drawing them in great numbers for a brief week end visit in the calm serenity of the atmosphere of Al Jassasiya. Tourism in Al Jassasiya is, therefore, rather well developed.

Barzan Tower

Barzan tower is not to be missed to watch at by anybody entering in Qatar. In Arabic, 'Barzan' means high place. There are a few strong and beautiful looking towers in Qatar. Barzan tower of Qatar is a multi-storey building. It is adorned with aluminium curtain walls and deep blue reflective glass.

Barzan tower has 13,600 square meters of space for renting offices. Below the 21-storey glass-covered tower, there are first nine floors, which are traditionally designed. The staircases and other parts of the tower are strongly built. The main challenge behind creating this fascinating Barzan Tower was to merge the Qatari traditional design and modern architectural concept.

Built in 1910 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al-Thani and situated at the southern side of the defensive system Barzan Tower is used as a base to keep an eye on pearl divers. This tower has a good position to watch approaching ships and to scrutinize the phases of the moon.

The thick walls of the tower were built by pieces of coral rock and limestone. The two layers are cemented with mud mortar. Gypsum based plaster was used subsequently after that. The roof has 4 layers. The building technique involves use poles of 'danchals' wood in combination with a rope. The natural view and facilities in and around Barzan Tower are attractive.

Shrao Island

Shrao Island is one of the few islands that lie close to the mainland of Qatar. Qatar is a Middle Eastern country which constitutes a peninsula in the Arabian Gulf. There are a number of islands inhabiting the waters that surround Qatar on its three sides. These areHaloul Island, Ishat Island, Alia Island, Al Saflia Island and Shrao Island.

Shrao Island lies to the north-east of Ishat Island at a distance of about 48 kilometres approximately from it. The island has an altitude of 36.5 feet. There are plenty of hammocks located in the Shrao Island and a fringed reef not very big in size.

Tourism in Shrao Island is well developed. Qatar's national capital, Doha, attracts enormous number of tourists to the city. Tourists who are on a visit to Doha, often take a trip to the islands adjoining the land. The Qatar tour operators arrange for excursions to and guided trips around the Shrao Island. The exotic situation of the island coupled with its pleasant climate greatly favors it as one of the most ideal tourist location. People on a trip to this island are wonderfully revived and rejuvenated after spending their vacation in the serene and charming ambiance of the Shrao Island.

Palm Tree Island

The country of Qatar attracts many visitors from all over the world. The Palm Tree Island is a man made attraction located very near the capital city of Doha.

Palm Tree Island is an island of leisure amongst the hustle and bustle of contemporary Qatar urban life. People from all walks of life visit Palm Tree Island in Qatar for its sandy beaches, well kept gardens, resplendent vegetation and restaurants. The varied attractions of the place have made the island popular for corporate gatherings as well. The Palm Tree Island near Doha is very close to the capital city. It takes just a couple of hours to drive down to the island from Doha. The beaches of the island are particularly suitable for families. There are changing rooms on the beach itself.

The beach of Palm Tree Island permits safe swimming for small children. The sandy shallows of the beach topography permit the splashing of children in the sea itself. Serious adult swimmers may venture further into deeper water. Water sports equipment are also available for hire on the island. Restaurants on the island provide delectable meals on demand. The spectacular view across the island makes dining on the island a truly memorable experience.

Ishat Island

Ishat Island is situated on the south-eastern part of Qatar. Qatar, a peninsula stretching into the Arabian Gulf, is enveloped by water on its three sides. Ishat Islands, lying in the gulf surrounding the peninsula ,constitutes some cliffs of light color that border 3 islets with flat-tops. It has also 2 rocks lying detached towards Khor Al-Udaid's northeast.

Ishat Island covers an area of 20 sq kms. approximately. Surrounded by the Arabian Gulf, Ishat Island is a fabulous site of tourist attraction. Doha, the capital of Qatar is visited by tourists across the globe all through the year. For tourists who have come to visit Doha, there are arrangements made by the Qatar tour operators for excursions to the island and guided trips around the islets of Ishat.

The exotic location of the group of islets favors Ishat Island as an exclusive tourist destination. The pleasant climate accompanied with the charming scenic backdrop serve to entice the visitors to the shores of the Ishat Island. Far away from the humdrum of common existence it provides a peaceful haven to all its temporary residents. Tourism in Ishat Island is thus very prosperous. The geographical location of Ishat Island has made it a popular tourist spot for relaxation and adventure. Some other appealing tourist destinations around Ishat Island are Haloul Island, Shrao Island, Alia Island and Al Saflia Island.

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