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Cities in Qatar

Qatar Cities Map Doha City Al Wakrah City Dukhan City Umm Bab BAHRAIN BAHRAIN SAUDI ARABIA
Description : Qatar cities map showing Qatar major cities, towns, country capital and country boundary. Disclaimer

Qatar cities mainly include Doha, Al Khor, Al Wakrah, Al Khuwayr, Ar Ru'ays, Ar Rayyan, Ras Laffan, Dukhan, Umm Sa'id, Umm Salal 'Ali, Umm Bab, and Umm Salal Muhammad.
Doha is the capital among the Qatar cities while Al Wakrah is the second most important city. Studies show that more than 90 percent of the urban population lives in Doha among all other Qatar cities.

Qatar is located in the middle eastern regions of the globe. This peninsula borders Saudi Arabia and the Gulf of Persia. Doha is also the largest city in Qatar with an urban population of 533900. The main airports are in the two major cities of Qatar, namely, Doha International and Al Udeid Ab airports.

Doha is the capital city as well as one of the major tourist attractions of Qatar. Situated on the eastern coasts of the Qatar peninsula, Doha is also mentioned as the commercial and cultural capital of the country. Doha is mainly famous for its state-of-the-art airport, telecommunications and sun-kissed beaches. Visiting the cities in Qatar might as well include shopping extravagances and desert tours; water sports combined with visits to historical museums.

The major tourist attraction of another major city Al Wakra is the Al Wakra museum lying in one of the old forts of the city. This museum is widely known for its display of the natural history with a display of the art and architecture as well as the marine life of that region.

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