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Political Map of Qatar

Qatar political map features Baladiyat provinces and national capital of the country. The map also shows the location and the neighboring states of Qatar. The geographical coordinates of the country are 25º 30‘ North latitude and 51°15‘ East longitude. The total area of the country is 11,437 square kilometers. The capital of the country is Doha.
Political Map of Qatar Doha City Al Rayyan Al Wakrah Al Shamal AL Daayen Umm Salal Doha Al Khawar BAHRAIN BAHRAIN SAUDI ARABIA
Description :Qatar Political map showing the international boundary, municipalities boundaries with their capitals and national capital. Disclaimer

Geographical Feature of Qatar
The political map of Qatar points the country in the Middle East, sharing its border with United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The country is a peninsula jutting out in the Persian Gulf. The geographical coordinates of the country are 25° 30‘; North latitude and 51°15‘ East longitude. The total land area of Qatar is 11,437 square kilometers. 563 kilometers make up the coastline of the country. The highest and the lowest point of the country are Quryan Abu al Bawl situated at 103 meters above sea level and Persian Gulf respectively.

Administrative Divisions of Qatar
The administrative divisions featuring on the online Qatar political map is colored individually for the convenience of the browsers. The broken line on the map of Qatar clearly differentiates the administrative divisions. The administrative divisions are:
  • Ash Shamal
  • Al Ghuwayriyah
  • Al Khawr
  • Al Jumayliyah
  • Umm Salal
  • Ar Rayyan
  • Ad Dawah
  • Al Jumayliyah
  • Al Wakrah
  • Jarayan al Batnah

Capital of Qatar
Doha is the capital of Qatar. The geographical coordinates of the city are 25° 17‘ 12" North latitude and 51° 31‘ 60" East longitude. The city stands at an altitude of 13 meters above sea level. Al Bida’ ash Sharqiyah, ar Rumaylah and As sawq are the neighboring cities of Doha. The city’s airports are the main gateways to the city. They are Doha International, Shaikh Isa, Bahrain International and Al Udeid Ab.

Ad Dawhah796,94723490
Al Daayen43,17623691
Al Khawr193,9831,551599
Al Wakrah141,2222,520973
Ar Rayyan455,6235,8182,246
Madinat ach Shamal7,975902348
Umm Salal60,509310120
7 municipalities1,699,43511,5714,467

Note : - Population: 2010-04-21 census.

Ad Dawhah339,84713251Doha
Al Ghuwariyah2,159622240Al Ghuwayriyah
Al Jumaliyah10,3032,565990Al Jumayliyah
Al Khawr31,547996385Al Khawr
Al Wakrah31,4411,114430Al Wakrah
Ar Rayyan272,860889343Ar Rayyan
Jariyan al Batnah6,6783,7151,434Umm Bab
Madinat ach Shamal4,915901348Dukhan
Umm Sa'id12,674  Umm Sa'id
Umm Salal31,605493190Umm Silal'ait
10 municipalities744,02911,4274,412

Note  : -Population: 2004-03-16 census (source [2]).
             Area: Provided by Karem Abdalla (before Umm Sa'id split).

Last Updated On : October 25, 2012

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