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Where is Micronesia ?
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The Federated States of Micronesia is composed of several islands located west-southwest of Hawaii, in the north Pacific Ocean.
Micronesia Map

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Micronesia consists of many smaller islands. The four airports, which serve Micronesia, are Kosrae, Chuuk International Airport, Pohnpei International Airport, Ulithi and Yap International Airport. Micronesia population, as per the estimate of July 2007, is 107,862. About 50% of the Micronesia people are Roman Catholics. English is the official language of Micronesia. Palikir is the capital of Micronesia.
Micronesia is a sub region located in Oceania in the North Pacific Ocean. Micronesia comprises of many small islands. The geographic coordinates of Micronesia are 6° 55' North latitude and 158° 15' East longitude. The total area covered by the country is 702 square kilometers. The coastline of Micronesia is stretched over 6112 kilometers. The country is officially known as Federated States of Micronesia. In the map of Micronesia the position of the island and the smaller islands included in the nation are indicated.

Micronesia Political Map : 
In the political map of Micronesia, the islands that are included in the island nation are shown. There are four major island groups consisting of total 607 islands in the country. The four states of Micronesia are Truk, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Yap. Under theses states there are many smaller islands. In the political printable map of Micronesia, some other neighboring islands are also indicated. South Pacific Ocean is also highlighted in the map of the country. The scale of the political Micronesia map is also indicated for the convenience of the browsers.

Micronesia's capital is Palikir. The geographic coordinates of Palikir are 6° 55' North latitude and 158° 9' East longitude. Palikir is located at an altitude of 682 feet.

Last Updated : March 03, 2014

On this background there are for white stars that have five points in each. This flag was adopted as Micronesia's official flag on 10 th November 1979. The ratio of the Micronesia national flag's width to its length is 10:19.
Lat Long7.4167° N, 151.8833° E
Largest CityWeno
Official LanguageEnglish (national)
Major ReligionChristianity 83.20% No Religion 12.90% Judaism 2.90% Islam 0.80% Others/unspecified 0.50%
National day3 November
Form of GovernmentPresidential system, Federation, Non-partisan democracy, Representative democracy, Republic
PresidentManny Mori
Vice PresidentAlik L. Alik
CurrencyUnited States Dollar
GDP$310 million(2011 est.)
Calling code691
Time Zone(UTC+10:00) , (UTC+11:00)

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