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Luxembourg History

Luxembourg history starts as early as 963 A.D. Some scholars also opine that the Luxembourg history began only after the construction of the Luxembourg castle during the Middle Ages.
In the year 963, the Count Siegfried captured the Lucilinburhuc fortress from Saint Maximinius Abbey in Trier and since then this relatively small country has developed for over five hundred years. The medieval Europe saw the emergence of some of the prominent figures in the German empire during the rule of the Siegfried dynasty in the 14th century.

The history of Luxembourg also says that in the year 1443, the country fell under the rule of the Burgandians. Later the French, Austrian and the Spanish took their turns to rule the land of Luxembourg, as per the history of Luxembourg. The Napoleon empire broke off in the year 1815 and it is since then that Luxembourg came to be known as a Grand Duchy under the reign of the Dutch empire.

According to the Luxembourgian history, this tiny European country gained independence in the year 1839 following the Treaty of London. The independence however got formally finalized in the year 1867 which followed a brief period of civil uprisings and small scale revolutions, as is conveyed by the history on Luxembourg.

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