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Full name: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Capital City: Luxembourg
Language: Luxembourgish; Letzeburgesch, French, German, English
Currency: Euro
Newspaper: Le Jeudi, Woxx, La Voix du Luxembourg, Tageblatt and much more.
Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestants, Jews, and Muslims
National Anthem: Ons Hémecht that literally means "Our Homeland".
Places to Visit: Luxembourg City, Moselle Valley, Château de Bourscheid, Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, St Martin's Winery .
Transport: Airways : Luxair and some other frequent flights run between capital cities and the major states in Luxembourg. Railways : Eurail, Inter-Rail, Europass and Flexipass are some of the popular railways in that connects the major places of the country.
Shopping: Ceramics or the Glassworks are very popular in Luxembourg. Painting of various famous painters, hand made artifacts may also be considered for shopping.
The country Luxembourg was established officially in the year 963. Luxembourg was not grand duchy from the very beginning. It turned into one in 1815.
Luxembourg Map
In the country you will get to see various interesting things like the ancient walls and gates that are reconstructed beautifully. Also visit the Grand Duke's palace. It is awesome. Some of the great places that you can not miss are Vianden, Clervaux etc.

Luxembourg Location Map
Location of
Luxembourg :

The geographical position of the country has benefited it. Luxembourg is a country in the Western side of Europe. The neighboring countries are France in the southern region, Belgium in the western region and Germany in the north eastern region.

Physical Map Of Luxembourg :
Luxembourg is a landlocked country situated in the west region of the European continent. The land is full of low valleys and high lands. Some water bodies are also there in the forms of streams, rivers and lakes. Luxembourg has been declared as the world's last remaining Grand Duchy. The highest altitude of this country is the Buurgplaatz that rises above the sea level up to 559 meter. Similarly the lowest level of the land is claimed by the river Moselle. It goes down up to 133 meter below the sea.

Luxembourg Flag
Flag Of Luxembourg :
Every nation has their own flag that is the symbol of their nationality and also of their individuality. The flag of Luxembourg bears huge historical significance. In the flag of Luxembourg there are three horizontal sections that are equally proportioned. In the top there is red, in the middle there is white and in the bottom there is blue. The blue is very light. The flag has much similarity with the flag of Netherlands. The color combination of the flag is like that of the insignia of the Grand Duke. The color red symbolizes vitality and bloodshed. White represents peace.

Climate Of Luxembourg :
The climate of Luxenbourg is not very extreme. It is rather a pleasant one. In Luxembourg the nature of climate is continental. During the winter months the weather remains very harsh and the temperature falls up to 0 degree Celsius. On the other hand the summer months are pretty cool. During summer you will not be challenged by scorching heat. In this time rainfall become very frequent. This nature of weather however differs from place to place in the country. In the northern part of Luxembourg and in the southern part, the climate is not the same. If you are planning to visit this country, try to visit during the period of May to August, because at that time the weather remains very sunny.

Flora And Fauna Of Luxembourg
Flora: Since the climate of Luxembourg is influenced by two different climactic regions that are Atlantic-European and Central-European, the flora of the country carries mixed characteristic. Crops and grapes can be found more in the Moselle Valley. Again the northern region is known for the growth of beech and oak trees. From these oak trees a large amount of wood comes. If you go towards the river side of the country you will find some other species of trees such as willow, black alder etc. Alder trees are of great importance for their unique nature of medicinal quality. On the other hand the willow trees play an important role in the field of ornaments.

Fauna: Like the flora in the country, the animal world also bears verities of species. Among the animals you will find varieties of deer, wild boar and some other species. However it is not the scene in the world of the birds in Luxembourg. A large range of variety of bird is found in this country. If you proceed too the water bodies like rivers and the lake and stream, you will also get different species of fishes here such as pike, carp, bream, perch, trout, eel and many more.

People Of Luxembourg :
A large variety of castes, tribes and races live in Luxembourg. The people, who are from the background of French and German mixture, are known as Celtic. Besides that the Slavs are also there. Slavs are people generated from the Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. The total population of the country is C474,413 according to consensus of July 2006.

Arts, Culture And Music Of Luxembourg
Art: Poetry and painting are the primary art forms in Luxembourg. Some famous poets from the ancient era are Michael Rodange, Anise Koltz and so on and Jean Portante is among the modern poets. Some famous artists from the field of painting are Emile Kirscht, Fony Thissen, Joseph Kutter, and Gust Graas. They were the painters of the post Second World War era.

Culture: The country is heavily influenced by the bordering nations. The people of Luxembourg are of different languages and that makes a cultural diversity in the country. The four main sections of the culture in the country are the music, painting, photography and poetry. The states of France and Germany have also influenced the food habits of Luxembourg .

Music: To talk about music some of the famous music bands should be mentioned here. Placebo is a very popular rock band in Luxembourg. One great singer come guitarist Brian Molko is also a member of this music band.

Some of the instruments that are accompanied with the Luxembourg music are saxophone, piano, guitar and so on.

Economy Of Luxembourg :
Luxembourg has a stable economic system. Unemployment is not a problem in this country. The natural resources of this country are iron ore, arable land and so on. Industries of chemicals, rubber and steel are flourishing day by day. The per capita income is very high here. The materials that are exported from Luxembourg are natural gas, electricity, oil, steel, rubber, glass, chemicals and some machines. The countries, which are partners in this export business, are France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain etc.