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Top Ten Countries with Highest number of PCs

by Vishul Malik

It’s difficult to obtain precise data on the exact number of personal computers (PCs) in a country, as this can change rapidly over time due to factors such as sales,…

Top Ten Countries with Highest Number of Personal Computers Map

It’s difficult to obtain precise data on the exact number of personal computers (PCs) in a country, as this can change rapidly over time due to factors such as sales, upgrades, and replacements. However, here are the top ten countries with the highest number of PCs as of 2021, based on estimates from Statista:

  • China – 357.4 million
  • United States – 269.3 million
  • Japan – 59.5 million
  • Brazil – 52.5 million
  • Germany – 49.2 million
  • India – 41.6 million
  • United Kingdom – 36.9 million
  • France – 33.3 million
  • Russia – 32.1 million
  • Canada – 25.9 million

Which are the top ten countries in the world with highest number of PC users? The map answers this question, based on data from 2003-04. It is hard to say that the numbers are very accurate, because any statistic covering this much ground is always approximate. Still, it can be said with certainty that the trend is likely to continue for quite some time in future.


USA has an estimated 223,810,000 personal computer users across the country, and the number has been going higher up in the recent times. Presently, an estimated 68.7% of American households have access to the internet, and 61.8% own PCs. This is a significant increase from 1984, when about only 8.2% of US households had access to the PC.


No surprise here. Japan has led the digital revolution, after all. The approximate number of personal computer users in Japan is 62,000,000. Almost 99.182 million people have access to internet in the country. Surveys have revealed that about 13% of the Japanese buy used PCs. Low-end personal computers are mostly used.


China has been on a roll in hardware and software industries, capturing a large share of the world exports. According to estimates, there are about 52,990,000 users of personal computers in China. An estimated 389 million people surf the net in this Asian country. Given the population of the country, this is not much. But things are set to change: It is being forecast that by 2015 ,China will have 500 million new PCs as a consequence of growing levels of income.


Germany has close to 45,000,000 people who use personal computers. There are almost 65.125 million internet users in the European country, which places it at the 5th position globally. The economy can be classified as a social market and has a substantial and skilled labor force. German economy is the biggest of its kind in Europe. If only the country had more population, it could have easily topped this list.


Slow and steady growth, that’s UK. There are almost 35,890,000 personal computer users in use in UK, and approximately 51.44 million internet users. UK’s economy is a partly administered market in type. On the basis of exchange rates, UK has globally the 6th biggest economy. It is followed by France and Germany.


France has almost 45.262 million internet users to go with an estimated 35,000,000 people who own a PC. Most of the internet users in France are concentrated in the metropolitan areas. France is a member of G8 – a prominent group of top industrialized countries. Globally, it is the 5th biggest economy.

South Korea

Almost 39.4 million people use the internet in South Korea, which has 26,201,000 users of personal computers. As far as nominal GDP is concerned, this Asian country has the 14th rank. South Korea contributes greatly to the world computer hardware.


Canada has close to 22,390,000 personal computer users and almost 26.96 million people use the internet. Over the years the percentage of households using personal computers in Canada has grown substantially. Presently it stands at almost 71%, which is a major jump from 49% in 1998. Given the rate of economic progress, this will continue strongly.


Close to 21,486,000 people use the personal computer in Italy, one of the wealthiest economies of Europe. This south European country also has an estimated 29.235 million people who use the internet. This means that 18.1% of Italy’s population uses the internet, which is far lower than the average for Europe. For households, this percentage goes up to 31%.


The approximate number of people who work with personal computers in Brazil is 19,350,000. The south American nation also has 75.98 million internet users. It is expected that the number of PCs being used in Brazil could go up by 3 times in future. Computer usage has increased following the recent spurt in economic activity.

Top Ten Countries with Highest number of PC’s  2012

Rank Country PCs In-Use (in Million) Sharing % of World Total
1 U.S. 310.6 19.4
2 China 195.1 12.2
3 Japan 98.1 6.12
4 Germany 71.5 4.47
5 India 57 3.56
6 UK 54.5 3.41
7 Russia 53.5 3.34
8 France 53.5 3.34
9 Brazil 48.1 3.01
10 Italy 44.7 2.79

Date of Information : February 1, 2012 Source : Computer Industry Almanac Inc. http://www.c-i-a.com/pr02012012.htm

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