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Visa Information for all Countries

Visa - An Overview
Visa is an official government licence, generally stamped in the passport of the recipient. It allows a foreign national to enter, stay, and transit through any non-native country. In other words, it is usually needed to move between nations for study, work, tourism or for those who consequently plan to live and work in a foreign nation for the rest of their lives. Moreover, foreign individuals may be granted either an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa to enter and stay. The particular visa one wishes for depends upon the requirements and purpose of an individual, including his/her standing in relation to the rules of immigration.
Typically, every country affixes certain conditions to their visa permits, such as duration of stay, validity dates, whether the visa is applicable for multiple visits as well as the regions covered by the visa. There are some countries that do not need visas for a short stay. On the other hand, there are some nations that want their natives as well as foreign residents to acquire an "exit visa" to be granted permission to move from the country.

Types of Visa
Every nation has visas of multiple categories. The names of visas that are commonly known include : 

  1. Transit Visa : It is issued when exceptionally multiple transits are made from the country to a destination outside it. Transit visas have a validity generally limited to short terms, such as from several hours to a period of 10 days and may stretch up to six months depending upon the circumstance of a particular transit.

  2. Airport transit visa : Some countries require these visas, in case one needs to make several transits through the airport of a particular country.

  3. Visitor or short-stay visa : As named, such visa is required for short visits to a foreign country, mainly for business, tourist or personal purposes. Several countries have categorized visas depending upon the nature of the visits, such as Tourist visa, Private visa, visa for medical reasons, Business visa, Working holiday visa or Refugee Visa.

  4. Long-stay visa : This visa is issued for comparatively longer period of time, but still allows finite stays. This type of visa is granted to a foreign national for the following purpose, such as for work and employment, including seasonal work, for higher and secondary level studies, scientific and research work, family reunification, medical treatment, and for other law-specific reasons as well as international agreement.

  5. Immigrant visa : This type of visa is granted to those who intends to immigrate to the country issuing it. It is obtained when seeking a permanent residence in the foreign country and with an inclination of possible naturalization in the future. This visa can be a Partner or Spousal visa and Marriage visa.

  6. Electronic visa : This type of visa is electronically linked to the number of passport and gets stored in a computer. Before travel, the passport does not bear any label, stamp or sticker. Australia was the first country to pioneer electronic visa issued by the Electronic Travel Authority for visitors. It also issues the eVisitor visa for European visitors and businessmen. Nowadays, every country is adopting the same technique.

Visa Conditions
There are some visas that can be granted at the time of arrival as well as by sending prior application to the country's consulate or embassy or via a non-public visa service expert in the issuance of documents meant for international visits. Such agencies are registered by the embassy, foreign authority or consulate to assist international travelers who are reluctant to travel to the embassy or apply in person.

An additional fee is charged by non-public visa and passport service centers for the verification of customer applications, supporting documents and dispatching them to the concerned authority. In case, there is no consulate or embassy in one's own country, then one is required to apply to a third country in order to obtain a visa.

Last Updated : January 17, 2015

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