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Navoiy Viloyati

Navoiy Viloyati is a province in north western Uzbekistan. Navoiy Province is one of the largest provinces of Uzbekistan. The capital city of this Uzbek province is Navoiy.
This province is a very productive land, but much of the agricultural expeditions are on hold because of the absence of a reliable source of irrigation.

Province in Uzbekistan is known as viloyati. Navoiy Province. A province is called a viloyati in Uzbekistan. Navoiy Viloyati is divided into 8 administrative districts. The approximate estimation of the population of the Navoiy Viloyati is 767,500, with some 60% of rural population. The surface area of Navoiy Viloyati in Uzbekistan is around 110,800 sq. km. The main towns of Navoiy Viloyati include Qiziltepa, Uchquduq, Nurota, Zarafshon and Yangiobod.

The province is covered by the Kyzyl-Kum Desert , which covers a large area of the land. Navoiy Province is bordered by the territories of Samarqand Province, Kazakhstan, Buxoro Province and the Karakalpakstan Republic. The climate of this province is a typically semi-desert continental climate.

Navoiy Province is known for its significant natural resources, particularly natural gas, precious metals, petroleum and raw materials for construction. The economy of Navoiy Viloyati is heavily dependent on large mining, metallurgical excavations and chemical production composites. Some of the world's purest gold is found in the Navoiy and Zarafshan mines located in this province.

The main agricultural products of Navoiy Viloyati are cotton and Karakul sheep. Almost 90% of the entire province can produce a high yield in agriculture, but the sources of irrigation are not distinguished yet.

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