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Uzbekistan Geography

Uzbekistan geography is diverse as it varies from flat desert area to rugged mountain ranges. Geography of Uzbekistan is influenced by its topography as well as its climate.

In the south eastern part of Uzbekistan, the Tian Shan mountain ranges dominate the country. The northern lowland of Uzbekistan, is occupied by the vast Qizilqum Desert. The Mirzachol desert lies in the northeastern part of Uzbekistan. In the west central part of Uzbekistan the Turan Plain is stretches extensively. In the eastern part of Qizilqum, the Ferghana Valley is present and this is the most fertile area of Uzbekistan. The Ferghana Valley is enclosed by mountain ranges in the northern, southern and eastern part.

Uzbekistan Rivers

The water bodies of Uzbekistan are unevenly distributed. The country has very few lakes and rivers. Amu Darya and Syrdriya are the two main rivers of Uzbekistan. Amu Darya originates from Tajikistan mountains and Syrdariya from the Kyrgystan mountain ranges. The main river basin of Central Asia is formed by these two major rivers. Zeravshan is another important river, which originates from the Tajikistan mountains. Earlier the river was used for irrigation, Zeravshan was the largest territory of the Amu Darya river. Aidarkul Lake is the largest lake of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Deserts

The Uzbekistan geography is dominated by its vast stretches of desert land. About eighty percent of the geography of Uzbekistan is dominated by desert areas. The Qizilkum Desert is one of the main desert ,which lie in between Samarkand and Bukhara.

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