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Uzbekistan Education

Uzbekistan education is given prior importance in the nation equally for every child irrespective of gender. Education in Uzbekistan is supervised by two national agencies,
namely the Ministry of People's Education who looks after the primary, secondary, and vocational education; and the Ministry of Higher Education, supervising the post secondary education.

According to the 1993 estimation, Uzbekistan had 9,834 preschool centers. These centers were run by state enterprises for the children of their employees. Approximately 35 % of children in Uzbekistan are in between one to six years of age. Ever since1990s, these enterprises were demolished and schools were founded for direct administration under the supervision of Ministry of People's Education.

The government policies of Uzbekistan have build up 50,000 new educational institutes annually for the past few years. More schools are yet required to fulfill the public demand. All the educational institutes of Uzbekistan aim at educational development. They follow certain principles, such as:
  • Modifying and further improving the educational and socializing content
  • Developing new schools, curriculum and textbooks
  • Stress on individual capability and talent
  • Vocational and Professional training, keeping in mind the changing economical needs
  • Raising Uzbekistan' s educational system to match the international standards
Education at any age is encouraged in Uzbekistan. New methods and technologies are created based on the national needs. The basic principals of Education in Uzbekistan are democratization and humanization. Education of Uzbekistan helps the Government to solve many economical and social problems. The teachers of Uzbekistan have tremendously contributed towards Uzbekistan Education.

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