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Andijon Viloyati

The Andijon Viloyati province in Uzbekistan is situated in the eastern part of the fertile Ferghana Valley. It is one of the most densely populated areas in Uzbekistan.
The province shares its borders with Kyrgyzstan, Ferghana and the Namangan Province. 'Viloyati' in Uzbek language means an administrative province. The land area of this province is around 4,200 sq km.

Like the rest of the country, the climate of Andijon Viloyati is continental, characterized by extreme differences between summer and winter temperatures. Wide differences in day and night temperature also exist in Andijon Viloyati.

Andijan is the capital of Andijon Viloyati. It is divided into 14 administrative districts. Asaka, Xonobad, Shahrixon and Qorasuv are the main cities of this province. The city of Asaka is located east of Andijan in the Ferghana Valley. The first automobile plant, a joint venture of Uzbek-Korea was set up in this city. Qorasuv is about 50 km from the district capital of Andijan.

Cultivation and livestock breeding are the main sources of livelihood for the inhabitants in this region. The province is well known for its production of melons and water melons. Cotton and cereals are also cultivated on the irrigated fertile plains.

Andijon Viloyati province has rich deposits of minerals. Petroleum, natural gas, ozokerite and limestone are found here. Among the main industries, the metal processing industries, chemical industry, light industry and food processing are the key industries.

Andijon Viloyati of Uzbekistan is a fertile province in the Ferghana Valley. Various industries in this region help to enhance Uzbekistan's economy.

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