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Buxoro Viloyati

Buxoro Viloyati is popularly known as the Bukhara province in Uzbekistan. The neighboring provinces are Navoiy, Qashqadaryo and Xorazm province. The vast desert of Kyzyl Kum occupies a major portion of the Buxoro Viloyati province.
The estimated land area of the province is approximately 39,400 sq km. This province has extreme continental climate.

The Buxoro Viloyati province of Uzbekistan can be subdivided into eleven administrative districts. Buxoro is the capital city. The major towns of Bukhara province are Alat, Karakol, Shavirkan, Romitan and also Gijduvan.

The old city of Bukhara in this province is a major tourist attraction of Buxoro Viloyati. The city is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. The numerous historical and archaeological structures are scattered around the city. The city holds an important place in the field international tourism. The old buildings and architecture portray interesting tales of the glorious past.

Buxoro Viloyati of Uzbekistan is a seat of traditional Uzbek crafts like gold embroidery, engraving and ceramics. Wonderful objects of artifacts with intricate and delicate carvings and embroidery can be purchased here.

Natural gas, petroleum, graphite, bentonite, marble, sulfur, limestone are the main natural resources found in this area. Oil refining, cotton purification, textiles and light industry are the main industrial activities of Buxoro Viloyati.

Buxoro Viloyati province at Uzbekistan is a famous international tourist spot. Tourists from all over the world come to explore the old city of Bukhara.

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