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Kairouan City Map

  Facts about Kairouan  
Time Zone UTC+1
Language Tunisian Arabic( known as Derja),Shelha,(A Berber language)
Major Religion Islam,Judaism,Christian(Chatolic)
Founded 670
Area6,712 km² (District)
Population564 900
Lat Long Coordinates 35°40′N10°05′E
Point of interestGreat Mosque
 The Mosque of the Three Doors
 Bi'r Barouta

The city of Kairouan is a religious site in the Tunisian Republic. Being the home to the most scared and ancient mosque in the entire northern Africa, Kairouan attracts huge number of Islam devotees through out the year. Kairouan city also serves as the capital of the Tunisian Governorate of Kairouan.

Facts about Kairouan

This inland city sprawls over an area of 6, 712 square kilometers along the low-lying alluvial steppes in the Tunisian territory. The economy of Kairouan is primarily based on agriculture. Grains and cereals are the major sources of revenue. Kairouan is also well known for its leather products, olives, ceramic items and local handicrafts. The stylish carpets of Kairouan are worth buying.

Attractions in Kairouan

Kairouan Minaret is considered among the ancient minarets across the world. The Mosque Sidi Oqba, popularly known as the Great Mosque of Kairouan, is the most famous site in Kairouan. With its intricate woodworks, marble lined interiors and elegantly designed prayer hall, Kairouan is a dream destination for all Islam devotees of the world. Trip to Kairouan cannot be complete if one misses the Median tours.

Aqhlabid Basins, the Islamic Museum, Reqqada, Bir Barouta and Zaouia of Sidi Abid el Ghariani are the other popular destinations in Kairouan.

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