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Political Map of Tunisia

by Vishal Kumar

  The African country Tunisia covers a total area of 163,610 square kilometers. About 17.5% of the land of the country is arable. The residents of the country are known…

Political Map of Tunisia


The African country Tunisia covers a total area of 163,610 square kilometers. About 17.5% of the land of the country is arable. The residents of the country are known as Tunisians. Majority of the people of Tunisia are Muslims. In the Tunisia political map, the major cities, national capital, international and internal boundaries have been marked by using specific symbols. The scale of the map has also been provided.


Tunisia Features

Tunisia is a North African country, which is located at the Mediterranean coast. The geographic coordinates of Tunisia are 34° North latitude and 9° East longitude. The country’s coastline stretches for a distance of 1148 kilometers. The country has mountains in the north, semiarid regions in the south and dry terrain in the central part. The population of the country as per the estimate of July 2007 is 10,276,158.

Tunisia Boundaries

The bordering nations and water bodies of Tunisia have been clearly indicated in the political map of Tunisia. The indicated water bodies in the map of Tunisia are:

  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Gulf of Gabes
  • Golfede Hammamet
  • Gulf of Tunis
  • Strait of Sicily


The bordering nations of Tunisia are:

  • Algeria in the western side
  • Libya in the southeastern side


Tunisia Governorates

For administrative purpose Tunisia has been divided into 24 governorates that are pointed out in the printable map of Tunisia by different colors. The internal boundaries of the governorates are clearly pointed out in the map. The governorates of Tunisia are:

Beja (Bajah), Ariana (Aryanah), Bizerte (Banzart), Ben Arous (Bin ‘Arus), Gafsa (Qafsah), Gabes (Qabis), Kairouan (Al Qayrawan), Jendouba (Jundubah), Kebili (Qibili), Kasserine (Al Qasrayn), Mahdia (Al Mahdiyah), Kef (Al Kaf), Medenine (Madanin), Manouba (Manubah), Monastir, Nabeul (Nabul), (Al Munastir), Sidi Bou Zid (Sidi Bu Zayd), Sfax (Safaqis), Sousse (Susah), Siliana (Silyanah), Tozeur (Tawzar), Tataouine (Tatawin), Zaghouan (Zaghwan) and Tunis.

The capitals of Tunisia governorates have been indicated in political Tunisia map by white squares. Some of the indicated governorates capitals are Medenine, Tataouline, Gabes, Kebili, Le Kef, Gafsa, Nabeul, Siliana and Jendouba.


Tunisia Cities

The major cities of the country are highlighted in the map of Tunisia by black dots. Some of the major cities of Tunisia are Remade,El Borma, El Hamma, Matmata, Thala, Nefta, Tabarka, El Djem, Menzel Bourguiba.

Tunisia Capital

Tunis is the capital of Tunisia. The capital city is served by Tunis/ Carthage airport. The geographic coordinates of Tunis are 36°48′ 10″ North latitude and 10° 10′ 47″ East longitude. The city is 3 feet above sea level. Some of the cities located in close proximity to Tunis are Bab Khadra, Kasbah, Al Madinah, Bab as Suwayqah, Montfleury and Bab al Jazirah.

There are many tourist attractions at Tunis. The medina of Tunis was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1979. The income of the national capital is boosted by products like olive oil, carpets and textiles.

Governorate Population Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Arabic
Ariana 422,246 1,558 602 Al Aryanah
Beja 304,501 3,558 1,374 Bajah
Ben Arous 505,773 761 294 Bin `Arus
Bizerte 524,128 3,685 1,423 Banzart
Gabes 342,630 7,175 2,770 Qābis
Gafsa 323,709 8,990 3,471 Qafsah
Jendouba 416,608 3,102 1,198 Jundubah
Kairouan 546,209 6,712 2,592 Al Qayrawan
Kasserine 412,278 8,066 3,114 Al Qasrayn
Kebili 143,218 22,084 8,527 Qibili
Le Kef 258,790 4,965 1,917 Al Kaf
Mahdia 377,853 2,966 1,145 Al Mahdiyah
Manouba 335,912 Manubah
Medenine 432,503 8,588 3,316 Madaniyin
Monastir 455,590 1,019 393 Al Munastīr
Nabeul 693,890 2,788 1,076 Nabul
Sfax 855,256 7,545 2,913 Safaqis
Sidi Bou Zid 395,506 6,994 2,700 Sidi Bu Zayd
Siliana 233,985 4,631 1,788 Silyanah
Sousse 544,413 2,621 1,012 Susah
Tataouine 143,524 38,889 15,015 Taţawin
Tozeur 97,526 4,719 1,822 Tawzar
Tunis 983,861 346 134 Tunis
Zaghouan 160,963 2,768 1,069 Zaghwan
24 governorates 9,910,872 154,530 59,665

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