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Tunisia Tourism

Tunisia Travel Guide
Tunisia Travel Guideis a handy travel manual of Tunisia, which carries all the important information required by a tourist while traveling within Tunisia.

Best Time to Visit Tunisia
Tunisia Travel Guide suggests the best time to visit Tunisia. The months of May, June and September are ideal to visit Tunisia when the weather of the place is at its best.

Tunisia Activities Guide
There are several adventurous and entertainment activities in Tunisia Travel Guide, which a tourist can enjoy while staying in Tunisia. Water sports, Camel travel, Hiking, Golf, Bird watching at Ichkeul National Park are some of the interesting amusement activities one can enjoy in Tunisia. For the tourists who love to shop, Tunisia is an ideal destination. Carpets, brass, copper and gold jewelery are the main shopping products in Tunisia.

Maps to Explore More About Tunisia

Tunisian Cuisine Guide Tunisian delicacies in spite of being a little spicy boasts of their good quality and value. Couscous and Bread are the staples diet of Tunisia. Meat and seafood are included in most of the main courses. However, fruit salads and soups are popular too.

Tunisia Attractions Guide
  • Tunis is a World Heritage 7th century old town that boasts souk, museum, remnants of old Carthage, classic Mediterranean village and a good beach in La Marsa suburb.
  • Hammamet offers excellent beaches and golf courses.
  • Sousse offers a large fort, mosque, museum, medina and massive city walls.
  • Kairouan boasts a Great Mosque and other fine buildings.
  • Djerba island is ideal for leading life in a slower pace.

Tunisia Tours
One of the most wonderful aspects of Tunisia for a tourist is theTunisia Tours. Tunisia is one of the biggest and happening countries in Africa. It is famous not only for its historical and cultural centres, but is also popular for its diverse picturesque landscapes.

Tunisia Toursis a must for all the tourists who wish to experience the essence of the country. The enchanting beauty of the south-eastern beaches and the cultural heritage of Medina attract thousands of tourists every year.

Tours in Tunisia cannot be completed in a short period. Fascinating tourist destinations are located in most of the cities of Tunisia.

There are severalhiking and trekking tours in Tunisia. The long coast along the Mediterranean Ocean is ideal place for hiking. Walking through the ruins of the ancient Roman Empire is a truly marvelous experience. Tours to the several historical museums are also included within a hiking tour. There are places that can be covered within adaytrip in Tunisia. The fascinating Bardo museum located in the city of Tunis is a place worth visiting. The rolling hill, dense forest and sandy desert of the Tunisia perfect for an adventurous hiking tour.

Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Matmata, Kairouan and Tozeur are some of the culturally rich and beautiful cities and towns in Tunisia. Most of theTunisia Toursconsists of visits to these cities for their rich cultural heritage.

Tunisia Holidays
Tunisia holidayscan be something very exciting because of the country's remarkable historical places and beautiful golden beaches. Tunisia has so many things to offer to its visitors that a careful plan should be the first step in planningholidays in Tunisia. Tunisia is the seat of the cultural trends starting from colorful cultural heritages to natural wonders and modern attractions, Tunisia is a rich destination to lure the travelers to spendholidays in Tunisia.

Tunisia has a wild range of travel destination that the travelers can go through in theirTunisia holidays.These travel destinations include architectural wonders to a range of historical cities and regions that speak of the colorful and interesting history of Tunisia. Some of these often visitedtravel destinations in Tunisiaare :
  • With its golden beaches and the wonderful natural scenario, Hammamet attract thousands of people from every corner of the world throughout the year.
  • The Fortress of Kebilia, which is 500 ft high is also one of the populartourist attractions in Tunisia.
  • The most popular village in Medenine is Chenini, which consist of the Mosque of the Seven Giants. Ksar Soltane is the oldest town of the ghorfas in Medenine, which has turned into a market for tourist's shopping.
  • Sbeitla comprises of the famous Forum, temples, fountains, forts and also theaters, which draws attention of the guests from all over the world.

May and October is the preferable month forTunisia holidays.However, the beaches also promise of a good holiday experience in Tunisia. Tunisia has a range of hotels to accommodate the tourists. Whether planning for a large group union or just need to rewind the body, mind and soul, thenTunisia holidaysare the most preferable one.

Tunisia Nightlife
Nightlifeis simply thrilling with the picturesque view of Tunisia that one always craves for. Tunisia is home to the blue water of Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful mountains of Khroumirie. Apart from its scenic beauty,nightlife of Tunisiais exuberant that leaves one with fun and frolic.

Tourists from all over the world visit the most fascinating country of Tunisia to enjoy its attractive places. One can also enjoy the sightseeings of Tunisia by traveling during the night. Asnightliferemains all time favorite among the tourists with the country's ancient Bardo Museum, the ruins of Carthage, the buzzing streets of Medina and the largest Zitouna Mosque.

Nightlifeforms a major part of leisure and entertainment among the people of Tunisia. Discos, pubs, bars, theaters, movies and casinos are various sorts ofnightlife in Tunisia, which draws huge number of tourists from different parts of the world.

There are innumerable nightclubs to explore theTunisian nightlife.Nightclubs of Tunisiaare all time favorite among the people of all age group. Most of the hotels in Tunisia provide nightclubs for the tourists to enjoy. Belly dancing is one of the very usual features of entertainment that one can enjoy in any nightclubs in Tunisia. Even the live performances of famous bands and local bands can also form a part ofnightlifeexperience in Tunisia. Apart from nightclubs discos are always there to charge one up. Bora Bora is one of the renowned discos in Tunisia, which draws huge crowd everyday throughout the year.

For the theater and movie lovers Tunisia offers enough so that no one feels disappointed. Its simply thrilling to watch the theaters and movies at night at the Tunis theater and in the cities of Hammamet and Sousse. Casinos also forms a major part ofnightlife in Tunisia. Casinos are almost available in most of the cities of Tunisia. Tunis, Yasmine, Hammamet, Sousse and Djerba are some of the places in Tunisia that features famous casinos.

Tunisia Shopping Malls
Shopping mallsof Tunisia are truly a spectacle in every sense starting from the unbeatable price tagged on the articles to the incredible diversity that is displayed by the products. Tunisia is heaven for 'shopaholic' as there is a whole assemblage ofshopping malls.All sorts of shopping goods are available at the snap of a finger.

Shopping in Tunisia is all time fabulous task among the people in Tunisia that provides leisure and entertainment.Shopping mallsare the latest craze among the people belonging to every age group, which is something that deserves appreciation.

Souk el Shopping mall in Tunisia sells attractive tokens and show-pieces as well as beautiful handworks of Tunisia. Apart from these, carpets, embroideries and dolls are also found in theshopping malls of Tunisia.This shopping center remains open on all the days and is marked as an idealshopping complexof Tunisia. The shopping complexes at Tunis, Kairouan, Tozeur and Jerba are loaded with quality goods like an entire caboodle of leather products, jewelery items starting from prized necklaces made from the finest quality pearls to rings, wrist lets, bangles clad with priced stones that gifts your personality, a completely new dimension that one has never even dreamt of.

Popular Shopping Malls in Tunisia:

Some of the popularTunisia shopping mallsare listed below as:
  • Carrefour Shopping Center
  • Chraka and Bab Essour Housing
  • Complexe de I'Esplanade
  • Hammamet Commercial Center
  • Kairouan Commercial Center

Tunisia is a beautiful destination in North Africa which has lot to bewitch the travelers. The country is home to innumerable sight seeing places luring countless number of tourists throughout the year. Tunisia tourism has been steadily growing due to these famous sites and the attractive tour packages offered by the airlines and railways of the country.

Some of the major attractions of Tunisia include:
  • Bulla Regia
  • Cap Bon
  • Carthage- Baths of Antoninus
  • Carthage - Tophet
  • Chemtou Excavations
  • Douirat
  • Chenini
  • Gafsa
  • Gightis
  • Hammamet
  • Mahdia
  • Matmata

The Tunisia travel agencies offer a wide variety of affordable tour packages to the travelers. These attractive trip packages allure a number of visitors to indulge in adventure and fun. A large number of tourists visit throughout the year boost up the Tunisia tourism and helps in the economic development of the country.

  Famous Cities to Visit in Tunisia  
City NamePopulation (2005)City NamePopulation (2005)
Tūnis [Tunis]728453Al-Murūj (El Mourouj)81986
Ṣafāqis (Sfax)265131Al-Marsā (La Marsa)77890
Sūsah (Sousse)173047Al-Qaṣrayn (Kasserine)76243
At-Taḍāman (Ettadhamen-Mnihla)118487Dawwār Hīshar (Douar Hicher)75844
Al-Qayrawān (Kairouan)117903Bin 'Arūs (Ben Arous)74932
Qābis (Gabès)116323Mūḥammadiyat Fushānah (Mohamedia-Fouchana)74620
Binzart (Bizerte)114371Al-Munastīr (Monastir)71546
Aryānah (Ariana)97687Jarjīs (Zarzis)70895
Sukrah (La Soukra)89151Bārdaw (Le Bardo)70244
Qafṣah (Gafsa)84676Jarbah Ḥawmat as-Sūq (Djerba Houmt Souk)64919

  Popular Travel Destinations in Tunisia  
DouglasCarthage National Museum
Al-Zaytuna MosqueSousse Archaeological Museum
Bardo National MuseumSidi Toui National Park
Ichkeul LakeChemtou Museum
El Ghriba SynagogueEl Djem Archaeological Museum

  National Parks  
Bou-Hedma National ParkJebil National Park
Boukornine National ParkSidi Toui National Park
Chaambi National ParkZembra National Park
El Feidja National ParkDar Chichou
Ichkeul National Park

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