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Spain is located in western Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. The capital and largest city of Spain is Madrid. Other major cities include Barcelona, Malaga, and Granada.
Spain cities Map
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Spain Cities
Spain Cities are divided into 17 autonomous communities that are further subdivided into provinces. The cities of Spain fall under the administration and jurisdiction of the provinces. Two autonomous cities, Ceuta and Melilla, are part of Spain, though they are located on the coast of northern Africa. Catalonia, Galicia, and Basque Country are identified as nationalities, and have a system of self-government as well as separate cultures, including other primary languages.

The major cities of Spain are well connected by railways and roads. There are airports in several major cities of Spain, including Barcelona, Girona, Madrid, and Sevilla. Spain's port cities and harbors have also contributed the development of the nation's economy.

Major Cities of Spain :

Madrid : Madrid is the capital of Spain. With about 3.3 million people, Madrid is the most populous city in Spain, with a metropolitan area of about 6.5 million. Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union, covering an area of 604.3 square kilometers (234.4 square miles). The city is home to the headquarters of many Spanish companies and is considered the financial center of the country. The largest bullfighting contest in Spain takes place in Madrid. There are also a number of churches in the city, including St. Jerome Church, San Nicolas de los Servita, and the St. Isidore Cathedral.

Barcelona : With a population of 1,621,537, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. Its metropolitan area has a population of about 4.5 million. Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean Coast and is the capital and the most populous city of Catalonia. One of the leading tourist destinations in the world, Barcelona is known for its economic, trade fairs and exhibitions, culture, and sports. The city hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics. Barcelona is a major economic and financial center of Spain.

Malaga : The sixth largest city in Spain, Malaga has a population of over 568,507. Granada is a city located in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world, founded by the Phoenicians in about 770 BC. Granada is the birthplace of the internationally acclaimed painter Pablo Picasso. Malaga is renowned for its Holy Week celebration that has been happening for five centuries. One of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Malaga is known as the capital of the "Costa del Sol," or Coast of the Sun.

Granada : Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is the capital of the province of Granada. The city has some of the most renowned buildings that showcase the ancient Islamic culture of Spain. Granada is home to a Moorish palace, called the Alhambra. The Generalife is another magnificent palace that has beautiful, romantic gardens. Granada is one of the major educational centers in Spain, home to the University of Granada, which attracts students from around Spain.

The other major cities in Spain include: Alicante, Seville, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Valencia, Cordoba, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Vitoria, and Badalona.


List of cities of Spain (with area and population)
1Barcelona39.34 mi²1.602 million (2014)
2Madrid605.77 km2 (233.89 sq mi)3.165 million (2014)
3Seville54.05 mi²696,676 (2014)
4Valencia134.65 km2 (51.99 sq mi)809,267 (2010)
5Málaga398 km2 (154 sq mi)568,479 (2013)
6Zaragoza973.78 km2 (375.98 sq mi)666,058 (2014)
7Bilbao41.50 km2 (16.02 sq mi)346,574 (2014)
8Granada88.02 km2 (33.98 sq mi)237,540 (Jan. 2014)
9Alicante201.27 km2 (77.71 sq mi)334,329 (2011)
10Salamanca38.6 km2 (14.9 sq mi)metropolitan:213,399 city:154,462 (2010)
11Logroño79.57 km2 (30.72 sq mi)153,736 (2008)
12Palma, Majorca208.63 km2 (80.55 sq mi)401,270 (2009)
13Pamplona23.55 km2 (9.09 sq mi)196,166 (2014)
14Córdoba1,255.24 km2 (484.65 sq mi)325,453 (2008)
15Gijón181.6 km2 (70.1 sq mi)275,735 (2014)
16Murcia881.86 km2 (340.49 sq mi)442,573 (2010)
17Cartagena558.08 km2 (215.48 sq mi)216,655 (2012)
18Alcalá de Henares87.72 km2 (33.87 sq mi)200,768 (2014)
19Toledo232.1 km2 (89.6 sq mi)84,019 (2012)
20Santa Cruz de Tenerife150.56 km2 (58.13 sq mi)206,593 (2013)
21Las Palmas100.55 km2 (38.82 sq mi)383,308 (2010)
22Antequera814 km2 (314 sq mi)45,854 (2011)
23Lleida211.7 km2 (81.7 sq mi)138,416 hab. (2011)
24Elche326.10 km2 (125.91 sq mi)228.647 (2014)
25Fuengirola10.2 km2 (3.9 sq mi)71,482 (2009)
26Jerez de la Frontera1,188.23 km2 (458.78 sq mi)212,226 (2014)
27Benidorm38.51 km2 (14.87 sq mi)69,010 (2014)
28Dénia66.2 km2 (25.6 sq mi)41.672 (2014)
29Blanes17.68 km2 (6.83 sq mi)40,010 (2010)
30Almería296.21 km2 (114.37 sq mi)191,443 (2012)
31Oviedo186.65 km2 (72.07 sq mi)222,917 (2014)
32Badalona22.17 km2 (8.56 sq mi)220,977 (2012)
33A Coruña37.83 km2 (14.61 sq mi)246,056 (2008)
34Girona39.14 km2 (15.11 sq mi)96,722 (2013)
35Benalmádena27.2 km2 (10.5 sq mi)58,854 (2009)
36Mijas148.8 km2 (57.5 sq mi)77,521 (2014)
37Baza545 km2 (210 sq mi)23,287 (2008)
38Carmona924.12 km2 (356.80 sq mi)28,679 (2011)
39Huelva149 km2 (58 sq mi)149,410 (2010)
40La Orotava207.31 km2 (80.04 sq mi)41,255 (2013)
41Ejea de los Caballeros609.92 km2 (235.49 sq mi)17,344 (2010)
42Mérida865.6 km2 (334.2 sq mi)58,164 (2012)
43Burgos107.08 km2 (41.34 sq mi)179,906 (2012)
44Ceuta18.5 km2 (7.1 sq mi)82,376 (2011)
45L'Hospitalet de Llobregat12.50 km2 (4.83 sq mi)258,642 (2012)
46Vilanova i la Geltrú33.50 km2 (12.93 sq mi)65,890 (2009)
47Puerto de la Cruz8.73 km2 (3.37 sq mi)28,929 (2013)
48Aragon47,719 km2 (18,424 sq mi)1,277,471 (2006)
49Los Realejos57 km2 (22 sq mi)37,970 (2013)
50Cádiz12.10 km2 (4.67 sq mi)123,948 (2012)
51Costa del sol spainNANA
52Costa BlancaNANA
53Costa Brava5,885 km2 (2,272 sq mi)NA
54San Sebastian60.89 km2 (23.51 sq mi)186,409 (2011)
55Vizcaya2,217 km2 (856 sq mi)1,159,639 (2014)
56Costa de la LuzNANA
57Costa calidaNANA
58Santander spain35 km2 (14 sq mi)178,465 (2013)
59Oviedo spain186.65 km2 (72.07 sq mi)222,917 (2014)
60Galicia29,574.4 km2 (11,418.7 sq mi)2,765,940 (2013)
61Andalusia87,268 km2 (33,694 sq mi)8,402,305 (2014)
62Segovia163.59 km2 (63.16 sq mi)56,660 (2009)
63Girona spain39.1 km2 (15.1 sq mi)97,227 (2014)
64Tarragona spain57.9 km2 (22.4 sq mi)132,199 (2014)
65Northern spainNANA
66Catalonia32,108 km2 (12,397 sq mi)7,565,603 (2012)
67Nerja85 km2 (33 sq mi)21,811 (2009)
68La manga122.7 mi²NA
69Jerez1,188.23 km2 (458.78 sq mi)212,876 (2015)
71Salou15.1 km2 (5.8 sq mi)26,558 (2014)
72Sierra NevadaNANA
73Ronda481.31 km2 (185.83 sq mi)36,827 (2009)
74Santiago220 km2 (80 sq mi)95,671 (2012)
75Marbella114.3 km2 (44.1 sq mi)140,473 (2012)

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