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Barcelona in Spain


Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world

Barcelona, Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and it’s easy to see why. Barcelona is a smorgasbord of history, modernity, culture, food, entertainment, friendly locals and everything else that a tourist would want. One thing is for sure, it is impossible to find dull moments in a happening city like Barcelona.

Attractions in Barcelona

La Sagrada Família: Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction in Barcelona, The Sagrada Família as a Catholic Church was designed by the renowned architect, Antoni Gaudí. The construction of the church started in 1882 and is still ongoing, expected to be complete by the year 2026. One look at the structure is enough to understand why it’s taking so long. The building is incredibly complicated, beautiful and unlike any other building in the world. Tourists flock to the church to view its stunning Christian imagery and make their way to the top of the spires to get a panoramic view of the city.

La Rambla: Barcelona’s most famous street, La Rambla is the place to go to experience the heart of Barcelona. It is lined with street performers, bars, restaurants, and more. The Boquería Market is a true feast for the eyes as well as the stomach because here tourists can pick up some of the freshest ingredients in the whole of Barcelona.

Museu Picasso: Picasso, arguably one of the greatest Spanish artists in the history of art spent a large part of his life in Barcelona. So it is a fitting destination toto discoverone of the best collections of his works. The Museu Picasso has over 4,000 works by the master himself including some early sketches and lesser known works. It is a must for any art connoisseur.

Montjuïc: Located in the southwest part of the city center, the Montjuïc (Jew Mountain) is a hill that offers tourists a respite from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. The commanding views offered by the hill made it an obvious location for fortifications, which can still be seen. However, it’s the museums located here that attract the greatest number of tourists. The Palau Nacional and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya are a must for art-lovers drawing visitors by the sheer beauty of their architecture. The Font Mágica offers a spectacular show of water, lights and music and is completely free. However, the fountain is sometimes closed due to exhibitions or events.

Camp Nou: Home to, FC Barcelona, one of the best football teams in the world, Camp Nou stadium is a must for any sports fan. It is also one of the largest football stadiums in Europe with a capacity to hold nearly 100,000 passionate supporters of the team. Camp Nou also has a museum where visitors can learn more about the history of football clubs along withone of the largest Nike stores in all of Europe. It is also worthwhile to try and get a ticket for a home game to see the passion of the supporters up close, especially if the match is against their fierce rivals, Real Madrid.

Parc Guëll: One of Antoni Gaudí’s most celebrated works, the Parc Guëll is a must on every visitors list. While the views from Parc Guëll are stunning, it is the architectural marvels within the park that will take your attention, especially the Salamanders sculpture. The place was originally supposed to be a residential development, but after two houses, the area was sold to the city council that turned it into a park.

Barceloneta: While it isn’t the only beach in Barcelona, it is definitely the most popular being closest to the city center. Along the beach is a walkway quite popular with joggers and cyclists. Due to its proximity to the city center as well as various bars and restaurants that line the beach, the place can often get crowded with locals and tourists.

Accommodation in Barcelona

Budget travelers would do well to check out the Ciutat de Sant Adria Hotel or the Bonanova Park. Mid-range travelers can check out the Acta Ink 606 Barcelona or the Condado Hotel Barcelona. High-end travelers can check out the Olivia Balmes Hotel or the Renaissance Barcelona Hotel.

Barcelona Map

Facts about Barcelona

  • Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain.
  • Barcelona is the largest European city in the Mediterranean.
  • Architect Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano was initially commissioned to design the La Sagrada Família.

Where is Barcelona ?

Barcelona is located along the northeastern Mediterranean coastline of Spain in the Catalonia region of Spain.

How to Reach

By Air

Barcelona–El Prat Airport is the international airport that serves the city and is located within the city.

By Rail

Barcelona is serviced by two railway stations. The Estació Central de Barcelona-Sants is the main railway station in the city and handles most of the national and international traffic while the Estació de França is the other major station.

By Road

Barcelona is well connected by a network of roads. There are a number of bus operators that ply coaches to other major cities in Spain like Madrid and to international destinations like Marseille and Frankfurt.

Best time to visit Barcelona

The period from May to June is considered to be the best time to visit the city as the temperature is mild and there are a number of festivals that are celebrated in the city.

More about Barcelona

What are the official languages spoken in Barcelona?

The official languages spoken are Spanish and Catalan.

Is there anything to be careful of in Barcelona?

It is a very good idea to keep an eye on your wallet, purse and other belongings. Pickpocketing is quite common, especially in crowded areas like Las Rambla.


Image credit : Bert Kaufmann


Published On: Monday, August 3rd, 2015

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