Map of Suncheon, South Korea

In Jeollanam province of South Korea, the Suncheon city is located. The city is situated in the south eastern part of the Jeollanam province. Suncheon city in South Korea is famous for its natural beauty, transportation and education.

Suncheon in South Korea is referred to as the second least noisiest cities in all over the country. Yeosu, a port city is about forty minutes away from the city. The city experiences strong developmental opportunities as it has been included in the Gwangyang Bay Free Economic Zone.

The Suncheon city was a part of the territory of Mahan during the reign of Samhan Dynasty. The total estimated population of Suncheon is calculated 155, 400. Suncheon in South Korea is referred to as the agricultural, transportation, service and administrative center of South Korea. Suncheon is also spelled as Sunchon. One of the most popular cities in South Korea is Suncheon. About four kilometers away from the city center in Suncheon, SOS children's village is situated. On 1982, May the SOS children's village was inaugurated officially.

SOS totally comprise of ten family houses. A library was also included in the SOS Children's Village in the year 1994. In this village about 100 orphans get their new homes.

Some of the major attractions of Suncheon in South Korea are as follows:

  • Buddhist temple, Seonamsa
  • Jukdobong park
  • Tea plantations at Boseong
  • Suncheon Bay
  • Naganeupseong Folk Village
  • Suncheon Goemdan castle
  • Suncheon Japanese castle
  • Buddhist temple, Songgwangsa
  • Baekje stone castle
Suncheon city in South Korea is a very famous city.

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