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Paraguay - The Land and People

Paraguay -The Land and People includes information on the physical features of the country as well as about the people of the country. One can develop an overall impression of the country by reading Paraguay - The Land and People.

Paraguay is a land locked country between Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia in South America. The latitude and longitude of the country is 23°S and 58°W respectively. The climate of the country varies from subtropical and tropical in few places. Rio Paraguai River divides the country into two halves Paranena region in east and Gran Chaco in the west. Grassy plains and wooded hills are located in the east while marshy lands lie in the west. Interior Atlantic Forest covers the eastern region. A large variety of flora and fauna are located here.

The History of Paraguay Land and People is very rich. Paraguay was under the
shackles Spanish rule from 1536 and 1811. Paraguay achieved its independence on 14th May 1811. Apart from the War of Independence, the other wars faced by Paraguay were the Chaco War and war of triple alliance. The country then witnessed authoritarian rule and only recently democracy was established.

The major ethnics groups that are found Paraguay include mestizo who are mixed Spanish and Amerindian which constitutes about 95% of the people of Paraguay. Majority of the population are engaged in agriculture. According to an estimate taken in 2007, the population of the country is 6,669,086.

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