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Paraguay Education

Education in Paraguay has undergone considerable improvement in the recent years. In the ancient times, education was restricted to the upper strata of the society.
Education was always in a state of neglect in Paraguay until in 1992 the government of Paraguay started to make it one of the priorities. Article 85 of the Paraguay made it compulsory for the government to invest twenty percent of the budget on the periphery of education. However, this measure has not been implemented and taken seriously like it was meant to, but, nevertheless, the country has made remarkable development as compared to the colonial times.

With the passage of time, education system has become more flexible and knowledge in the form of school and college education, that has become accessible to the general masses. A considerable part of the annual budget is dedicated to improve the education system in Paraguay. The development of several public secondary schools and universities in the country has enhanced the educational system in Paraguay to a large extent.

Paraguay-education is divided into three levels. Elementary education is the first and foremost level, followed by the secondary level. After the successful completion of secondary education, one can also opt for university education. Elementary education has been made mandatory as well as free for children in the age group of seven to fourteen years. Elementary education spans for a period of six years. There are several elementary schools in Paraguay that provide education to the children. Secondary education is divided into two phases, of three years each.

There are also some renowned universities in Paraguay, which provide facilities for higher education in the country. The major universities are:
  • National University of Asuncion
  • Autonomous University of Asuncion
  • Catholic University
  • American University
One of the oldest private Italian school in Paraguay is Scuola Italiana Dante Alighieri. It is named after the famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, and is also known as Colegio Dante Alighieri.

The school offers education in Spanish and Italian from kindergarten to grade 12.
The American University is one of the most prestigious institutions in Paraguay. Established in 1994, this university has an enrollment of more than 3,000 students supported by a faculty of 200 full-time professors. It is one of the best schools for quality liberal arts education. The other courses taught in the university include economics, administration, sciences, law, social sciences, communication, art, and technology.

The Autonomous University of Asuncion is a private university in Paraguay and recognized as one of the few private institutions of higher learning in the country. It was established in 1979 and was initially named the Escuela Superior de Administration de Empresas or Superior School of Business Administration. The institute was granted university status in 1991. The university has more then 4,500 students enrolled in its educational roster with a faculty of 300 full time professors. Law, political science, social sciences, humanistic sciences, communication, economics, and administration are the the major courses offered.

Founded in 1943, the Universidad Columbia del Paraguay or Columbia University of Paraguay is a private university in Paraguay. The university is best known for practical, vocation oriented education. With more than two million students enrolled, it is one of the largest educational institutions in the country.

The university comprises ten departments:
  • Administration of company
  • Marketing
  • Social engineering
  • Fine arts
  • Hosting and Tourism
  • Computer Sciences
  • Accountants
  • Law
  • Dog Training
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Commercial Engineering
The National University of Asuncion is the oldest and the most traditional educational institutions of the country; it was founded in 1889. Initially, the school began with concentration on Law, Medicine and Mathematics, Pharmacy and Obstetrics. Today, it stands as one of the best universities in the country with major stress on professional science related subjects. The University enrolls over 35,000 students annually who are supported by a faculty of more than 4,000 full-time professors.

Universities in Paraguay

Universities in Paraguay impart education at the highest levels. After completing high school with considerably good grades, one can find a place in the Paraguay universities. There are well renowned Paraguayan universities, where various subjects are taught to the students with immense care and precision. Traditional as well as modern subjects and languages are taught at these universities at Paraguay. A degree from these well known universities can provide a boost to the career of the students. There are undergraduate, post graduate as well as doctorate levels of studies that can be pursued in these universities.

Universities in Paraguay have well educated and well trained faculties. Education imparted in these universities match international standards. Many students come from other countries to Paraguay to seek admission in the various universities of the country. The medium of instruction in most of the colleges and universities is English, though in a few cases, Italian and Spanish are also spoken.

Many universities of Paraguay also have placement cells that help in finding employment immediately after completion of studies. There are also residential and hostel facilities in many of the Paraguayan universities. Some of the renowned universities in Paraguay include the following:

  • Universidad Autonoma de Asuncion
  • Universidad Nacional de Pilar
  • Universidad Nacional
  • Universidad Columbia del Paraguay
  • Universidad Catolica
  • Universidad Americana
Schools in Paraguay

Schools in Paraguay play an important role in the educational system of the country. There are numerous schools in the country at the elementary as well as at the secondary levels of education. Primary education in the country is made free as well as mandatory for children in the age group of seven to fourteen years. As a result, the number of primary schools in the country is quite large in comparison to the secondary schools or universities. Around 10 lakh students enroll themselves in the elementary schools. Primary education in Paraguay spans for six years.

There are also considerable numbers of secondary schools in Paraguay. Secondary education in the country is divided into two phases, of three years each. The most important thing about Paraguayan schools is that the standard of education imparted in the schools matches international standards. Some of the schools of Paraguay also lay great stress on adult education as well as vocational education. There are also several teen programs that are arranged for minors apart from various summer camps and workshops.

Some of the renowned Paraguay schools include American School of Asuncion, Asuncion Christian Academy, Scuola Italiana Dante Alighieri and many more. In each of these schools, personal care is taken of the students apart from imparting highest educational levels. Faculties in each of the schools at Paraguay are highly-qualified and well-trained.