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Paraguay Weather

The location, terrain of Paraguay has a great impact on Paraguay weather. The Paraguay weather varies a great deal between Paranena region and in the Gran Chaco region in Paraguay. Paranena region has a subtropical climate while the Chaco has a tropical climate. The weather of Paranena is humid with huge rainfall throughout the year.

Paranena region has mainly two seasons: from October to March it is summer and winter months start from may to August. The weather remains warm from October to March under the impact of moist tropical air. The average temperature ranges from 24°C and 27°C in January. Asuncion receives an annual average of about 130 cm.

Chaco experiences alternative floods and droughts. The place usually experiences rainfall mainly during summer.

Due to variation of weather conditions in Paraguay, deserts of the winter become swampy lands in the summer. Water however evaporates rapidly.