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Basketball Trophies

The Nikolai Semashko Trophy

Every four years, national teams gather for the EuroBasket championship to crown the best squad on the continent. Since the 1995 edition, the Nikolai Semashko Trophy has served as FIBA Europe’s grand prize – and the most sought-after for any team outside the World Championships or Summer Olympics. Thanks to EuroBasket’s standing as the premier competition outside of the major international events – though the FIBA Americas tournament is becoming more competitive – the trophy could be considered one of the most famous in the sport of basketball anywhere in the world, especially as a result of a growing television audience. History …Continue reading

The Siemens National Association of Basketball Coaches Trophy

Every spring, the college basketball world comes together for its “Big Dance.”  The NCAA’s March Madness is the crowning event of an arduous season, culminating with the presentation of the Siemens National Association of Basketball Coaches Trophy.  A glass replica of the game ball, it is awarded the morning following the championship game as a far more stunning centerpiece compared to the standard NCAA plaque handed over the night before.  After two decades in existence, it has become the main attraction for coaches and players, though knowing you are the best team in America is right up there with it. …Continue reading

The Naismith Trophy

When it comes to international basketball, the Summer Olympics is considered by casual observers to award the grand prize, but those who follow the sport closely understand the major event is actually the FIBA World Cup.  Like its standalone cousins with soccer and rugby, this is the showcase for national team-level hoops, making the Naismith Trophy a sought-after prize for professionals from all over the world.  Over the course of nearly 50 years in existence, the trophy has been contested for on four continents – only Africa and Australia have yet to play host. History The first FIBA international tournament …Continue reading

The Larry O’Brien Trophy

When the NBA playoffs come to a close in June, the Larry O’Brien Trophy is hoisted overhead by the winning owner and passed among the players as a symbol of basketball excellence.  Some of the world’s best-known athletes have had their hands on the trophy since it debuted in 1977, including Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  Raising basketball’s most famous prize is the highlight of any career and, as those who have won multiple times will tell you, it doesn’t matter how often it happens, it’s always incredibly special. History Officially known as the Larry O’Brien …Continue reading