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Timia City Map

Timia is a town in the Northern region of Niger. Timia is situated at an oasis in the great Sahara desert, which is about six hours drive from the airport at Agadez in Niger. This airport in Agadez is considered to be the closed one to the city. The construction of High School is in progress in the Timia region. The High School which exists at present has grass mats on wooden frames.

The main town of Timia is located at a distance of abut 3 kilometers from the oasis. The presence of the oasis makes the city of Timia a popular tourist destination. The rarest thing, which is found in Timia is the presence of fresh fruits which is probably not found at any other parts in Niger.

The valley of Timia is ornamented with orchards and grove lines of fruits on the both sides. The water in Timia is hand pumped and then used for the purpose of irrigation. Irrigation is the only way of water supply to the orchards and the fruit groves located in the city Timia. Ripe oranges in Timia are famous. Timia is also popular for the traditional dance of the place known as the Tureg dance.