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Agadez City Map

Agadez is the biggest city in the country of Niger. The population of Agadez is approximately equal to 88,569 people, according to the 2005 census. Agadez is located in the Sahara region and is the capital city of Air. Agadez comes under the jurisdiction of the Turang federations in Niger. The city of Agadez in Niger is as old as the 14th century and has slowly become one of the most important Tuareg cities along the years. Agadez is the most famous city for supplanting Assode through the help of which it has grown around the Trans-Saharan trade market.

Agadez is also a very important center for bringing caravans full of salt from Bilma into the country. Agadez of Niger became a sultanate in the year 1449 and was later conquered by the Songhai Empire in 1500. The 30,000 people of Agadez were witness to the medieval caravans operating between the West African cities like the Timbuktu and Kano and those of the North African ones namely the Tripoli, Ghat and Ghadames. The people inhabiting the city of Agadez however declined drastically after the invasion of the Moroccans.

Around 1900, the Agadez was captured by the French. Then there was a brief rebellion under Kaocen Ag Mohammad in 1916, which was brutally crushed by the French authorities. However, in today's world, Agadez is a famous market town as well as one of the chief centers for uranium transportation. Major tourist attractions include the Agadez Grand Mosque, Agadez Sultan's Palace and Kaocen Palace.

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