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Moldova Map Europe

by Vishal Kumar

Moldova is an Eastern European nation that shares borders with Romania and Ukraine. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau. The country is divided into thirty-two districts, three municipalities, and two autonomous regions.

Political Map of Moldova


Moldova is an Eastern European nation, bordered by Romania and Ukraine, and headquartered in its capital, Chisinau. There are thirty-seven major administrative units in Moldova: thirty-two districts, three municipalities, and two autonomous regions.

The districts of Moldova, or raioane, are listed below. These districts are each managed at the district level in the district seat, which is the city of the same name as the district.

Districts of Moldova

  • Anenii Noi
  • Basarabeasca
  • Briceni
  • Cahul
  • Cantemir
  • Calarasi
  • Causeni
  • Cimislia
  • Criuleni
  • Donduseni
  • Drochia
  • Dubasari
  • Edinet
  • Falasti
  • Floresti
  • Glodeni
  • Hincesti
  • Ialoveni
  • Leova
  • Nisporeni
  • Ocnita
  • Orhei
  • Rezina
  • Riscani
  • Singerei
  • Soroca
  • Straseni
  • Soldanesti
  • Stefan Voda
  • Taraclia
  • Telenesti
  • Ungheni

The municipalities of Moldova are Chisinau, Balti, and Bender. These are cities with a special status as first-level administrative units, similar to that of the districts. Chisinau is the capital of Moldova, and holds the special status as a result of this.

Gagauzia is considered an autonomous territorial unit, and is located in southern Moldova. Gagauzia has an area of 1,832 square kilometers (707 square miles). The population of Gagauzia is over 80 percent ethnic Gagauz.

Transnistria is another territory of Moldova, located in the north, along the border with Ukraine. Transnistria declared its independence in 1990, but is treated as an autonomous territory of Moldova, with a special legal status. After the War of Transnistria in 1992, the region’s official status is unresolved.

Division Population Capital
Anenii Noi 81,719 Anenii Noi
Balţi 127,673 Balti
Basarabeasca 28,978 Basarabeasca
Bender Bender
Briceni 77,978 Briceni
Cahul 119,201 Cahul
Calarasi 75,167 Calarasi
Cantemir 60,008 Cantemir
Causeni 90,616 Causeni
Chisinau 716,530 Chisinau
Cimislia 60,936 Cimislia
Criuleni 72,259 Criuleni
Donduseni 46,437 Donduseni
Drochia 87,083 Drochia
Dubasari 34,004 Cocieri
Edineţ 81,384 Edineţ
Falesti 89,915 Falesti
Floresti 89,406 Floresti
Gagauzia 155,781 Comrat
Glodeni 60,968 Glodeni
Hincesti 119,765 Hincesti
Ialoveni 97,759 Ialoveni
Leova 51,161 Leova
Nisporeni 64,945 Nisporeni
Ocniţa 56,706 Ocnita
Orhei 116,296 Orhei
Rezina 48,112 Rezina
Riscani 69,415 Riscani
Singerei 87,158 Singerei
Soldanesti 42,216 Soldanesti
Soroca 95,015 Soroca
Stefan Voda 70,620 Stefan Voda
Straseni 88,937 Straseni
Taraclia 43,151 Taraclia
Telenesti 70,022 Telenesti
Transnistria 555,347 Dubasari
Ungheni 110,750 Ungheni
37 divisions 3,943,418


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