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Weather in Moldova

Latitude and longitude plays a major role in deciding the climate of a place. Moldova weather too is no exception. Climate, on the other hand, is actually the average weather of that particular place. Moldova is in the latitude and longitude of 47° 00 North and 29° 00 East. This ascertains that the Moldova climate is warm. Moldova weather too, therefore, is basically warm with moderate winters. But the warm climate can also be divided into a few sub sections. This division is based on the measure of rainfall and the duration of summer and winter. However, the climate of Moldova is humid continental.

Moldova weather has the nature of humid continental climate. This means there prevails a warm summer and a cold winter. The difference of temperature between the warmest and coolest month is pretty high. It is normally 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. The humidity here in Moldova is not extremely high. The weather is fairly humid in Moldova throughout the year though.

But in some in-land parts of the country, the humidity is a little more during the summer. In summer, there are occasional snowfalls in Moldova. The winters in Moldova are cold; but it becomes intolerable at times when the extremely cold air from Siberia blows over the country. But winter here is shorter, particularly when it is compared to the neighboring countries like Ukraine and Romania. This also helps the spring to come a little earlier. The best time to visit Moldova is during the spring time. After all, it is the pleasant weather and the bright sun that a tourist likes most.

Major Cities in Moldova

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