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Moldova Flag

by Aakash Singha

National flag of Moldova was adopted on 27 th April 1990. Moldova flag is a tricolor having blue, yellow and red colors from the hoisting side towards the flying side of the flag, arranged vertically.

Moldova Flag


Blank Moldova Flag

Download Picture of Blank Moldova Flag For Kids to Color

In the middle of the flag, on the yellow band there is the coat of arms of Moldova .

This coat of arms features an eagle holding a shield on its breast, a cross in its beak and an olive branch in the right claw and a scepter in th left claw. On the shield there is a decorated picture of aurochs. The Moldova flag ‘s ratio is 1:2.

Official Name: Republica Moldova
Capital: Chisinau
Location: bounded in the east and south by Ukraine and on the West by Romania.
Area: 33, 848 Sq. km.
Official Languages: Russian Romanian
Flag Ratio: 2:3
National Anthem: Limba Noastra Our Tongue (1912)
National symbol(s): aurochs (a type of wild cattle)
National colors: blue, yellow, red
National anthem:
Name: “Limba noastra” (Our Language)
Lyrics/Music: Alexei MATEEVICI/Alexandru CRISTEA

Fact about Moldova flag

Country Moldova
Designed by NA
Adopted 27. April 1990
Revision NA
Design and Colors A vertical tricolor of blue, yellow and red; charged with the Coat of Arms centered on the yellow band.
Size Ratio 1:2

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