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Madagascar Facts

by Vishal Kumar

Where is Madagascar located? Madagascar is an island located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique in Southeast Africa. What was the former name of Madagascar? Madagascar was…

Where is Madagascar located?

Madagascar is an island located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique in Southeast Africa.

What was the former name of Madagascar?

Madagascar was formerly called the Malagasy Republic from the year 1958 to 1975. In 1975, it was renamed as Democratic Republic of Madagascar and in 1993 it was officially renamed again as the Republic of Madagascar.

What is the area and population of Madagascar?

Madagascar covers a total land area of 226,597 square miles making it the fourth largest island in the world. As per the 2012 estimate, 22,005,222 people reside in the country.

Which are the neighboring islands of Madagascar?

Madagascar has Mauritius and the French territory of Réunion to its east, French territory of Mayotte and the state of Comoros to its north-west. Mozambique, the nearest mainland state, is situated to its west.

What are the official languages of Madagascar?

French and Malagasy are the official languages of the country.

How many seasons does Madagascar have?

The country witnesses only two seasons in a year. A cooler dry season from May till October, and a hot rainy season starting from November till April. Essentially, the best time to visit the country is during the cooler season when it’s not too hot.

What is so different about this island country?

Since the country has remained isolated from the African continent for a very long time numerous new and different species have evolved there. Nearly 80% of the creatures found here are not found anywhere else in the world.

Which is the largest lemur of Madagascar?

Indri, also known as babakoto, which is native to Madagascar, is one of the biggest living lemurs in the world.

What is the capital of Madagascar?

The capital of this island-country is Antananarivo which is also the most populated city of the country.

Which currency is used in Madagascar?

Official currency of Madagascar is Malagasy Ariary.

Which is Madagascar’s highest mountain?

Madagascar’s highest mountain is called Maromokotro whose height is 2,876 meters.

When did the country get independence?

Madagascar gained complete independence from the French rule on 26 June 1960.

Which was the world’s largest bird?

Madagascar was inhabited by the Elephant Bird which was believed to be the world’s largest bird till the 17th century until it became extinct. The bird is believed to be over 3 meters tall.

Who are the President and Prime Minister of Madagascar?

Hery Rajaonarimampianina and Roger Kolo are the President and Prime Minister of Madagascar respectively.

Which religions are being practiced in Madagascar?

Nearly 52% practice indigenous beliefs whereas the Christians and the Muslims constitute around 41% and 7% of the total population respectively.

How is the tourism industry of Madagascar performing?

The number of tourists to Madagascar per year since 1990 have been increasing at an average rate. Majority of the tourists visiting the country are French. Tourism has been a major sector contributing to the country’s economy. However, in 2001, the industry was damaged because of the political crisis followed by the economic recession because of which the number of people visiting decreased in 2002. The tourism sector subsequently recovered from the crisis and is now growing at a steady rate. Over the years there has been a growth in the popularity of the country as a tourist destination. However, in spite of the growth in tourism, the industry still remains very small when compared to the other neighboring islands like Seychelles and Mauritius.

What are the main imports and exports of Madagascar?

Consumer goods, petroleum and capital goods are the main imports of Madagascar whereas the main exports of the country are vanilla, coffee, clothing, cotton, chromite, sugar, shellfish and petroleum products.

What are the major challenges for Madagascar’s economy?

Madagascar’s major issues are poor healthcare system, malnutrition issues and poor educational system.

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