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Luxembourg Land and People

Luxembourg- land and people are based in the European continent with the country bordering France, Germany and Belgium. Most of the people in Luxembourg inhabit the southern regions of the country.
The northern region of the land of Luxembourg is mountainous while the southern region consists of the most fertile lands. The climatic conditions of the land of Luxembourg remains cool and humid. The fertile lands of the southern regions of Luxembourg are ideal for various job opportunities in the farming sector.

There is basically no native costume in the Luxembourg and this is one of the prime reasons why the modern people of Luxembourg prefer to dress like other Europeans. The culture of the Luxembourg- land and people also is derived from that of the neighboring countries of Belgium, France and Germany.

The people of Luxembourg love pastries, which are available in a variety of flavors and tastes, like rolls, cupcakes, muffins and the "Random Thoughts". Luxembourg is also famous for its wines and beers.

The major tourist attractions at Luxembourg land include its art galleries carrying majestic works of art by Joseph Kutter and Edward Steichen. The cathedrals in Luxembourg are honored as the display of the most beautiful architectural works found in the country.