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Lesotho on World Map

by Vishal Kumar

Lesotho on World Map - Lesotho is located in Southern Africa and lies between latitudes 29° 30' S and longitudes 28° 30' E.

Lesotho on World Map


The country of Lesotho is on the African continent and the latitude and longitude of Lesotho are 29.5495° S, and 28.1851° E.

The neighboring country of Lesotho is :

  1. South Africa


Facts About Lesotho

Country Name Lesotho
Continent of Lesotho Africa
Capital and largest city of Lesotho Maseru
Area 30,355 km2 (11,720 sq mi)
Population 2,067,000 (2009 estimate)
Lat Long map of Lesotho 29.4667° S, 27.9333° E
Official Language Sotho, English
Calling Code +266
Time Zone SAST (UTC+2)
Airports of Lesotho 24 Airports
Neighbour Countries South Africa
Internet TLD .ls
Currency Lesotho loti (LSL)

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