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Current Lesotho Flag

Lesotho Flag from October 4, 2006 to present.

Lesotho Flag

Lesotho Flag between 1987–2006.

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The flag of Lesotho came into effect from October 4, 2006. The date marked the celebration of 40 years of independence.
Four designs were proposed for the new flag, and the present one was selected. The original design included a brown Basotho hat, but was changed to a black one to represent the Black identity of the country.

The Lesotho flag combines elegance and rich symbolism, as explained above. The background of the flag is a combination of three horizontal colored stripes: Blue, White, and Green - in that order, from top to bottom. In the center of the white stripe is shown a black mokorotlo, which is a type of Basotho hat. The flag follows a proportion of 2:3.


Lesotho adopted its first flag in 1966, which was when it got independence from the United Kingdom. There were three vertical stripes of Green, Red, and Blue, with the last one taking up the most area. A white mokorotlo also featured on the flag.

In 1987, the Basotho National Party was toppled from power by a military coup, which was when a new design of the flag was introduced. This flag was in use until 2006.

National symbol(s):mokorotio (Basotho hat)

National colors: blue, white, green, black

National anthem:
name: "Lesotho fatse la bo ntat'a rona" (Lesotho, Land of Our Fathers)
lyrics/music: Francois COILLARD/Ferdinand-Samuel LAUR

Fact about Lesotho flag

Designed byNA
Adopted4. October 2006
Design and ColorsA horizontal triband of blue, white and green; charged with a black Mokorotlo (a Basotho hat) centred on the white band.
Size Ratio2:3

Last Updated On : August 28th, 2017

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