Guernsey Facts

Where is Guernsey?
Guernsey, officially known as the Bailiwick of Guernsey is a British Crown dependency located in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy.
What is the capital of Guernsey?
The capital of Guernsey is Saint Peter Port. It is the main port of the dependency. The town is called St Pierre Port in French, the official language.

How big is Guernsey?
Guernsey is a small British dependency covering an area of just 30.1 square miles. In 2007, it has an estimated population of 65,573.

What are the ethnic groups in Guernsey?
Guernsey has a diverse population. The major ethnic groups comprise people of British and Norman descent. There are a significant number of Portuguese, Latvian and South Africans as well.

What are the administrative divisions of Guernsey?
Guernsey is divided into ten parishes for administrative purposes. Covering an area of 3.938 square miles, Castel is the largest parish.

Who are the political leaders of Guernsey?
Duke - Queen Elizabeth II, Duke of Normandy
Lt. Governor - Peter Walker
Bailiff - Sir Geoffrey Rowland
Chief Minister - Deputy Lyndon Trott

What currency is used in Guernsey?
The pound sterling denoted by the ISO 4217 code GBP is the official currency of Guernsey. It is commonly called the pound, and is the official currency of the United Kingdom, and its Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. One pound is sub-divided into 100 pence.

What is the official language of Guernsey?
English is the official language of Guernsey but French is used for administrative purposes. Portuguese and some varieties of Norman language are the minority languages.

What is the religion of Guernsey?
Roman Catholicism is the official religion in Guernsey; there are three Catholic churches in the British dependency of Guernsey.

What is the economy of Guernsey like?
Financial services that include banking, fund management, and insurance are the main drivers of the economy of Guernsey. Tourism, manufacturing, and horticulture are also important. In 2003, the nominal GDP (PPP) of Guernsey was estimated at $2.59 billion. The per capita income was $40,000.

When did Guernsey gain freedom?
Guernsey was part of the mainland Normandy until 1204 when it got separated. The territory then passed on to the German forces. Finally, Guernsey achieved independence from Nazi Germany on May9, 1945. This day is celebrated as the Liberation day in the British Crown dependency.

Last Updated on: August 16th, 2018