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Guernsey Map

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The industry of Tourism, manufacturing, and horticulture, saw its decline in recent times. In this tax land, taxes are generally levied on the Light taxes and death duties from where the returns are generally earned. The economic integration of the EU nations has come up with a new set of rules on which the area functions. The province is even improving the present tax rules in order to compete in the international market. Guernsey is known to posses its own sterling coinage and currency notes. UK currency, English and Scottish banknotes circulates freely within the region.

One gets to experience the traces of French culture, combined with the Anglo-Saxon and Continental ethnicity that is clearly distinct within their culture. Portuguese is also accepted by 2% of the population residing in this place.

Last Updated On : August 13, 2013

The official flag of the Bailiwick of Guernsey is a red cross of St. George against a white background. A gold cross is superimposed on the red cross.
Official Name Guernsey
Lat Long49.4667° N, 2.5833° W
Area78 sq km
CapitalSaint Peter Port
Official LanguagesEnglish (predominant), French (legislative)
Major ReligionReligion in Guinea-Bissau. Throughout the 20th century, most Bissau-Guineans practiced some form of Animism. Recently, many have adopted Islam, which is currently practiced by 50% of the country's population; most of Guinea-Bissau's Muslims have Sunni denomination.
National Day9 May (Liberation Day, the end of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands during World War II 1
Form of GovernmentBritish Crown dependency
PresidentQueen Elizabeth II ( Duke)
Vice PresidentIan Corder (Lieutenant Governor)
Prime MinisterGavin St Pier (President of the Policy and Resources Committee)
CurrencyPound sterlingc (GBP)
GDP$2.1 billion 2003 estimate
Calling Code44
Time Zone(UTC+1)
Internet TLD.gg

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