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Full name Republic of Montenegro
Capital City Podgorica
Language Montenegrin, Serbian
Currency Euro
Religion Serbian Orthodox, Montenegrin Orthodox, Muslim, Roman Catholic
National Anthem "Montenegrin". The first line is "Oj svijetla majska zoro" that can be translated as "O the bright dawn of May".
Newspaper: "Montenegrin". The first line is "Oj svijetla majska zoro" that can be translated as "O the bright dawn of May".
Transport Airways: frequent flights of Austrian Airlines, Alitalia and Lufthansa are availanble between Podgorica and Budapest; Frankfurt and Zurich. Beides these, there is Yugoslav Airlines. Railways: frequent trains are avilable between Montenegro and Belgrade.
Shopping Various local handicrafts and several handmade goods are found in a cheap price in this country.
Visit the beautiful country the republic of Montenegro. The name of the country has probably been derived from the Venetian term "monte negro", which can be translated as "black mountain". There are many attractive destinations in the country that you can visit.

Montenegro Map
Physical Map of Montenegro
In the south of the Balkan Peninsula, the Republic of Montenegro is situated. The southern region is covered by The Adriatic Sea coast. The Boka Kotorska or the Bay of Boka is one of the prettiest bays in this country. The highest point in the country is the Bobotov Kuk peak that rises almost 2,522 meters above the sea level. On the other hand the lowest point of the country is the Adriatic Sea.

Montenegro Location Map
Location Of Montenegro
The Republic of Montenegro is located in the southeastern region of the European continenet. In the southern region of the country, there is an Adriatic Sea coast.

The neighboring countries are Croatia in the western side, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the northwestern side, Serbia in the northeastern side and Albania in the southeastern side of Montenegro.

Montenegro Flag
Flag Of Montenegro
The flag of the Republic of Montenegro is very beautiful and symbolic. It is a rectangular shaped flag. The base color of the flag is red and it is bordered by a stripe that is colored in golden yellow. In the middle of the red space the coat of arms of Montenegro is featured. However it was not the flag of Montenegro till 12 July 2004. From this very day Montenegrin Parliament changed the flag in to this one. The Montenegrin coat of arms was originally came from King Nikola. However the initials HI or NI of the King Nikola I have been edited.

Climate Of Montenegro
Know about the weather conditions of the country you are planning to visit this holiday. It will help you to decide the best time to visit the destination. The climate of Montenegro can be termed as coastal climate. The summer months are pleasant in the country. That is why tourists generally choose this period in the year to visit this country. The temperature sometimes reaches 30°C during this season. However in the mountainous regions of the country, the temperature remains relatively cool (about 21°C) and tourists enjoy that climate. The winter months on the other hand, are comparatively cold. Be prepared for the heavy rainfall in various parts of the country.

Flora And Fauna Of Montenegro
  • Flora: The flora of Montenegro has diverse character with a number of species. The mountainous regions are mostly known for the various unique species of plants. To talk about the vegetation of Montenegro, Durmitor is the primary name that should be mentioned. It is mountain in Montenegro. Junipers, firs and pines are found in large amount in this country. The other species that are found are birches, beech-trees, aspens and maples etc. Some varieties are ash-trees, oaks, elms, lime-trees, common maples, dogwood and so on.
  • Fauna: Like the flora of The Republic of Montenegro, the animal life is also very rich. You will find various rare species in various corners of the country. Eagles, mountain goats, wild horses, wild ox etc are found in a very large quantity in this country. Rare species of hare, wild boar, pheasant, stag, fox, chamois, deer, mouflon or a rare wild ship, duck, goose, crane and so on can also be found in Montenegro.

    People Of Montenegro
    The total population of the Republic of Montenegro is almost 620,000. Various ethnic groups reside together in this country. The majority group includes Montenegrin and Serbian. They cover almost 75% of the total population. On the other hand the minorities are Bosniak, Albanian and some other tribes such as Croats, Roma etc.

    Montenegro is also home to various regions like Muslim, Roman Catholic and so on. The official language of the country is Serbian. It is in fact an Ijekavian dialect.

    However other languages such as Bosnian, Albanian and Croatian are also widely spoken in the various corners of the country.

    Art, Culture And Music Of Montenegro
  • Art: Various art forms exist in this country. Painting is a very common form of art in Montenegro. However paintings are concentrated mostly on religious icons. In the time of Easter, people of Montenegro paint the eggs and with natural dyes. It is a traditional art of the country. They decorated the eggs in various unique designs. Besides these carpet works, handicrafts,
  • Culture: Since there are various ethnicities residing together in Montenegro, the culture of the country is diverse in character and also rich for the same reason. Numerous cultures such as Illyrian, South Slavic, Celtic, Albanian cultures etc gathered to make a unique Montenegrin culture. Reflections of many races, many tribes and many religions can be found in the culture of the country. Traditions and customs of various religions such as Christianity, Islam etc have been accepted in the Mwontenegrin tradition. Besides that, various other external influences can also be seen in the tradition of the country.
  • Music: In Montenegro the development of music is not a good as that of literature. However several forms of music are very popular in this country. These are Choir music and Chamber music. Choir is a group of musicians that sings especially sacred music. Most of the time the Choir sing in the churches. On the other hand the Chamber music is classical form of music. This type of music involves very few musicians and small number of instruments. For that reason this music can be performed in very small place like a chamber. That is why the music is called Chamber music. Jovan of Duklja is a very popular musician in the country. In the year 1934, for the first time a music-school was opened. "No Name" is the most popular music group in Montenegro.

    Economy Of Montenegro
    To talk about the economy of Montenegro, the two very important phases were the urbanization and industrialization during the communism period. The economy of the country is partially based on its agriculture. The agricultural products are tobacco, olives, potatoes, grains, citrus fruits, grapes and so on. The industries that are growing very fast in the country are steel making industry, aluminum industry; coal mining industry, agricultural processing industry, tourism industry, textiles industry etc. A major portion of the country's revenue depends on the export trade. The foreign nations that take part in this business with Montenegro are Switzerland, Bosnia, Italy, and Herzegovina.