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Montenegro Map Europe

by Vishal Kumar

Montenegro Political Map covers the important cities, rivers and border countries of Montenegro. This country is located in southeast Europe covering an area of about 14,026 sq km. Podgorica, the capital city, is located on the coordinates of 42°26' North latitude and 19°16' East longitude. There are a large number of cities in Montenegro. Some of them are Boan, Dubrovsko and Cevo.

Montenegro Map Europe


Geographical location of Montenegro

Montenegro Political Map gives the names of the large number of cities that is located in Montenegro. It also shows the international boundary of the country.

Montenegro is a southeastern European country located between the Adriatic Sea in the south-west and Serbia in the north-east.

Montenegro falls on the geographical coordinates of 42°30′ North latitude and 19°18′ East longitude. It covers an area of approximately 14,026 sq km, out of which the land covers 13,812 sq km and the water bodies cover 214 sq km. Montenegro has got a long coastline of 293.5 km. Bobotov Kuk is the highest point and the Adriatic Sea is the lowest point of Montenegro.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the north-western side, Croatia in the west and Albania in the south-east.

Capital city of Montenegro

Podgorica located on the geographical coordinates of 42°26′ North latitude and 19°16′ East longitude is the national capital of Montenegro. It is situated at an elevation of 61 meters above sea level. It is highlighted on the Political Map of Montenegro by a red square box. Some of the nearby places include Zagoric, Stara Varos, Momisici, Drac and Nova Varos.

Rivers of Montenegro

The important rivers of Montenegro are shown on the Montenegro Political Map by blue color. These rivers are Pivsko Jezero, Kotorski Zaljev, Tara, Skadarsko Jezero and Kormarnica.

Cities of Montenegro

The cities of Montenegro are marked on the Montenegro Country Map by red circles. Some of these cities are Boljanici, Popov Do, Pljevija, Odzac, Kovren, Zabljak, Gornja Bukovica, Dubrovsko, Crnca, Trpezi, Rozaje, Zagrad, Sjenoste, Boan, Pluzine, Berane, Bolesestra, Gusinje, Plav, Cevo, Risan and Mahala.

Commune Population Area(km.²) Area(mi.²)
Andrijevica 5,071 283 109
Bar 42,048 598 231
Berane 33,970 717 277
Bijelo Polje 46,051 924 357
Budva 19,218 122 47
Cetinje 16,657 899 347
Danilovgrad 18,472 501 193
Herceg Novi 30,864 235 91
Kolasin 8,380 897 346
Kotor 22,601 335 129
Mojkovac 8,622 367 142
Niksic 72,443 2,065 797
Plav 13,108 486 188
Pljevlja 30,786 1,346 520
Pluzine 3,246 854 330
Podgorica 185,937 1,399 540
Rozaje 22,964 432 167
Savnik 2,070 553 214
Tivat 14,031 46 18
Ulcinj 19,921 255 98
Zabljak 3,569 445 172
21 communes 620,029 13,759 5,312

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