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Ngazidja Island, Comoros

Ngazidja is the largest island of the Comoros archipelago. It is also the island where the Comoros capital city of Moroni is located. Ngazidja is also known as Grande Comore Island.

The principal attraction of the island of Ngazidja in Comoros is the active volcanic mountain known as Mount Karthala. The crater of the mountain is one of largest in the world. The crater measures approximately a mile in diameter. The volcano is very much active. The most recent volcanic eruption occurred in 2003. Mount Karthala of Ngazidja Island in Comoros has the distinction of being the highest point in the Indian Ocean archipelago. The peak of the mountain is calculated to be 2361 meters above sea level.

Other attractions of Ngazidja Island in Comoros include the Vendredi Mosque. The mosque is located very near the port. The top of the mosque offers a fine view of the entire Moroni city. The city itself is a charming urban settlement of colonial design and broad boulevards. The narrow winding streets of Moroni has a unique charm of its own. Ngazidja Island also have a few hot sulfur springs. Many travelers to the island visit Lac Sale to observe the natural wonder.