Colombia Facts

by Vishal Kumar

Facts about Colombia   Continent South America Lat Long 4 00 N, 72 00 W Area 440,831 sq mi (1,141,748 km2) Population 46,736,728 (July 2015 est.) Capital Bogota Largest City…

Facts about Colombia


Continent South America
Lat Long 4 00 N, 72 00 W
Area 440,831 sq mi (1,141,748 km2)
Population 46,736,728 (July 2015 est.)
Capital Bogota
Largest City Bogota
Official Languages  Spanish
Major Religion Roman Catholic 90%, other 10%
National Day 20 July (1810)
Form of Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic
President Juan Manuel Santos
Vice President German Vargas Lleras
Currency  Peso (COP)
GDP $682.977 billion ( 2015 estimate)
Calling Code 57
Time Zone COT (UTC-5)
Internet TLD  .co


Where is Colombia?

The Republic of Colombia is in northwestern South America. It is bordered by Venezuela and Brazil to the east, Ecuador and Peru to the south, Caribbean Sea to the north, Panama to the northwest, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It has the second-largest population in South America, and the 29th largest in the world.

What is the capital of Colombia?

Santa Fe de Bogotá is the capital of Colombia. It was founded by Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada. It has an estimated population of 8,600,000 and covers an area of 612.7 square miles. It is located on the west of Savannah of Bogotá. The Bogotá River crosses the “sabana” to form Tequendama falls to the south.

What is the currency of Colombia?

Colombian peso has been the currency of Colombia since 1837. Its ISO 4217 code is COP.

Which is the largest city of Colombia?

Santa Fe de Bogotá is the largest city of Colombia. The national constitution designated it as the capital of the department of Cundinamarca. It is the among the thirty largest cities in the world, and is the third-highest capital city in Latin America. The city is also known as ” The Athens of South America”.

What is the official language of Colombia?

Spanish, along with English, is the official language of Colombia. A large number of people speak Colombian Spanish. There are 88 recognized regional languages spoken by various ethnic groups present in the country.

What is the religion of Colombia?

The Colombian constitution guarantees freedom and equality of religion. Christianity is the dominant religion in the country: 95 % of the population is Christian while 1% follows indigenous religions and another 1% follows Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

What is the literacy rate of Colombia?

Literacy rate in Colombia is 92.7%. Basic education is compulsory by law.

What is the national emblem of Colombia?

The Colombian coat of arms contains a shield divided into three portions. On the top of the shield is an Andean Condor holding an olive crown. The condor symbolizes freedom. The national motto, ” Libertad y Orden” is on a scroll in between the bird and the shield. The national flag is draped on both sides of the shield.

Who is the political leader of Colombia?

The president of Colombia is both the head of the state and the head of the government. Executive powers are exercised by the government. Former minister of foreign trade, minister of finance as well as national defense, Juan Manuel Santos has been the president of the country since August 7, 2010. Serving under him is the vice president of Colombia, Angelino Garzon. He served as the second minister of labor and social protection, and was the 69th governor of Valle del Cauca. He assumed office on August 7, 2010.

When is the National Day of Colombia celebrated?

Colombia celebrates two national days: Independence Day, 20 July (1810) and Battle of Boyaca, August 7 (1819). The Battle of Boyaca was when Colombia gained definitive independence from the Spanish monarchy. It occurred in a place known as Casa de Teja which is now part of Boyaca Department.

What is the economy of Colombia like?

Colombian economy is the fourth-largest economy of Latin America. The estimated GDP of the country is 285.511 billion dollars. It was urbanized rapidly in the twentieth century. Colombia is rich in natural resources and is known as the world’s leading source of emeralds. It exports petroleum, coal, coffee, gold, etc., to its trading partners: United States of America, European Union, Venezuela and China.

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