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Monserrate, Bogota

Monserrate , Bogota

Visitors at the Church atop Monserrate Mountain in Colombia

Climb up the imposing hill of Monserrate to enjoy the breathtaking view of the capital city of Colombia, Bogotá. The hill is famous for being a point of relaxation. Nature lovers and pilgrims trod the poorly paved roads to climb the hill. A whitewashed church dedicated to Montserrat’s Morena Virgin, patroness of Catalonia has been constructed on top of the hill, upon getting approval of Nuevo Reino’s president, Don Juan de Borja. Locally known as Santuario de Monserrate, the church was designed by Don Pedro Solís.

The Sculpture of the Fallen Lord, placed at the end of the church, in a crystal case, was created by a local artist Pedro de Lugo y Albarracín. Since the installation of the sculpture, about thousands of devotees visit the church, climbing the stairs, as an act of penitence. They discover their vices, sins, pain, and death; along with these realities, they are encouraged by the resurrection of the Christ, as they walk towards the church. Many believers even get answers to their restlessness. After visiting this place, the devout believers yearn for their encounter with God in heaven.

There are two other ways to climb up the hill. You can also choose to reach the top of the hill via the cable railway or by funicular. Everything on the brow has its own charm, whether its foggy woods, or the pilgrims, or gardens, or fountains. Even the moon looks splendid from the top. The sight becomes spellbinding on starry nights.

Since its origin, about 28-years-ago, the San Isidro House Restaurant perched on the top of the hill has been serving excellent food to the visitors. The restaurant resembling a colonial house serves fish during the period of Lent, French menu in May and June, lobster in September, and wine and champagne in December. There is another restaurant at the top of the hill. Named as Santa Clara, this restaurant offers Colombian food.

Monserrate Map

Facts about Monserrate

  • The church built atop Monserrate was completed in 1657.
  • The hill features an altitude of 3.152 meters.

Where is Monserrate?

Monserrate is sited in Bogota, Colombia. It is at a distance of about 15.4 km from the El Dorado International Airport via Calle 26 route. Teatro Metro Bogota is at a distance of about 6.0 km via Circunvalar.

Best time to visit Monserrate

The church can be visited throughout the year. For those who wish to avoid the crowds, the church gets jam-packed just on Good Friday. If you prefer to walk, Sunday is the best day to visit the top of the mountain, as during other days, there is a rick of being robbed. The best months to visit Bogota are January through March, June through September, and December. In March, October, and November, the temperatures are high and there is heavy rainfall.

Monserrate Tickets

The ticket prices for travelling in Funicular are:

Daytime Return ticket:

  • Monday to Saturday and Holidays: $ 16.400 (Pesos)
  • Evening Return ticket: $ 17.700 (When the Cable Railway doesn’t work after 5:30 p.m.)
  • Sundays Return ticket: $ 9.400

The ticket prices for travelling in Cable Railway are:

Daytime Return ticket:

  • Monday to Saturday and Holidays: $ 16.400

Evening Return ticket:

  • Monday to Saturday: $ 17.700
  • Sundays Return ticket: $ 9.400

More on Monserrate

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Published On: Thursday, May 1st, 2014