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Cartagena City Map

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Cartagena is situated on the northern coast of the South-American country of Columbia and has an alternative name, 'Cartagena de Indias'. Cartagena is an enormous city seaport and also the operational
capital of Bolivar Department. According to the census conducted in the year 2005, it was estimated that a total of 895,400 people lived in Cartagena.

It was Don Pedro de Heredia who had founded this Colombian city in the year of 1533. He had also coined the name of this city after the port of Cartagena which is situated in Spain's Murcia region. In the very beginning, Cartagena in Colombia was dominated by the early Spanish settlers. But individuals of a native tribe known as Mocanaes also inhabited this regions. They were designated as Caribbean Calamari. At one point in the year 1559, it was the Frenchman named Martin Cote who had dominated the city. About 9 years later, it was the Englishman called John Hawkins who established his control over this city.

Besides serving as a seaport, Cartagena at Colombia is also famous for its tourist attractions. Some of them are mentioned below:-
  • The Underground Tomb
  • Pie De La Popa
  • La Ciudad Murallada
  • Las Murallas
  • La India Catalina
  • El Castillo de San Felipe (Particularly the tunnels.)
  • El Museo De Oro
  • The Palace of the Inquisition (or the Torture Chambers)

Since, the city of Cartagena of Colombia is placed in the western side of the Caribbean Sea; it experiences a tropical climate that is not subjected to much change. Cartagena also served as the host of the 2006 Central American and Caribbean Games.

Last Updated Date: February 28th, 2018

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