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Medical Facilities in Chad

During the early half of 1960s, the government of Chad took significant steps to expand the health structure of the country. Medical Facilities Chad was increased to combat different diseases that were affecting the country.

Foreign assistance ensured building of health infrastructure and training of health professionals in the country.

In 1980s five Chad hospitals were included to facilitate health services of the country. These hospitals were constructed in Sarh, Abeche, N'Djamena, Moundou and Mayo- Kebbi district. Two polyclinics were built in the capital of Chad. 18 medical centers, 127 dispensaries and 20 infirmaries were also included. About 75 private medical facilities and 20 social centers dealt with the medical needs of the people of Chad.

Apparent growth of Chad health care activities were noted in Chad with the increase in the number of beds, infirmaries and hospitals but much of the medical facilities of Chad were concentrated to the southern part of the country till 1983. Out of the 18 centers for medical facilities 11 was located in the south and out of five hospitals three were in south.

Sixty four private medical centers were located in the south. In 1983, the medical system of Chad included 59 nurses, 42 doctors of Chad, 87 registered nurses, 99 agents of public health and 8 pharmacists.

Due to the increase in the medical facilities Chad the mortality levels in the country have shown a significant growth.